When a child cries: decode children cry

screaming baby Today, many pediatricians believe that the cry for newborns is the same natural state as a dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and cautious attention to the world around them.However, young parents of such an explanation is not enough: they need to know exactly what the child screams that he needs.Sometimes the reason is obvious screaming and crying.It happens that you want to raise their hands in surrender and burst into tears herself.If since the last feeding the baby was about two hours, maybe he was hungry and asked there.If the baby woke up more than two hours ago, maybe he was just tired.

Luckily for parents, when the child reaches four months, his cry becomes meaningful and highly dependent on the environment.Cry for the child becomes more complex form of communication, a way to tell you about dissatisfaction or boredom.During this period, many parents - but not all - learn to distinguish meaningless shout for shout from screaming meaningful.

information for parents

screaming baby We bring you five of the most common causes of screaming and crying.We hope this will help you to calm the baby and find peace of mind.

few caveats: according to experts, sometimes babies cry for unknown reasons, and it is impossible to appease them.Even if you isprobuete to calm the child all possible means, it is not necessary that at least some of them will work.In some cases, it is impossible to calm the child, and there is nothing abnormal.Since your baby is all right, and you - a wonderful mother.Also, remember about your child's personality and his unique character.Experiment to find out which method is right for soothing your baby.

Perhaps the baby is hungry?

Sounds: harsh and demanding relentless cries;They tend to be very loud.

Maybe the kid is tired?

screaming baby Sounds: breathy, helpless.Shouts can be broken, and soothe your baby in this case easier than in others.

Maybe the kid he was too bored or excited?

sounds: the cries often quieter than the others.Boredom can easily go into laughter, and excitement - result in a high-pitched scream.

Perhaps the baby is uncomfortable or annoyed?

Sounds: unnatural and whimpering.Such a characteristic cry of repetition, such as "have-a, have-a."

may hurt the baby?

sounds: high-pitched scream.