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Memory Development The school children get and share vast amounts of information.To memorize all the numbers, images, words and characters the child has to strain memory.It is not surprising that many children experience stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? due to an inability to remember the necessary information to the school.

Memory student is the most downloaded by the end of the day.In kindergarten, children simply allow you to play and interact with each other, but in elementary school they have to memorize a lot of information, ranging from the daily routine and ending with training materials.Children need to remember the correct spelling of letters and numbers, arithmetic rules and be able to express their thoughts in writing.Also, school children should be able to respond coherently to questions about the material they read.

Such multiple tasks at once is too much for some children, they not only can not remember something, but sometimes run into stress and refuse to have anything to take.At this stage it is very important to maintain the child and explain to him that remembering - is a skill that he has to learn, as well as many others.

types of memory

Memory - is a complex process, and the children of primary school age unconsciously develop different strategies to help you remember and recall information.Also they need the ability to store information for several seconds (short term memory), for several minutes when the information is used (RAM) and a long time (long term memory).For example, when the child needs to rewrite the word from the board, he must remember the sequence of letters and play it while he did not have to look at the board after each letter.Many recite the words to himself or aloud.

The larger the child the opportunity to train the memory, the easier it is to remember everything you need at the school.Parents should help their children to understand the mechanism of memory and give them the opportunity to learn this skill.

use parts

proved that parents can help develop children's memory by asking specific questions about past events.For example, after visiting entertainment establishments can set your child questions about what exactly the number or kinds of ideas he liked, looked like actors that the child is added to the rooms.Focus on the details will allow the child to remember what he saw, and easy to reproduce the scene in memory.

Games for the development of memory

There are plenty of games for the development of memory in which you can play with your family or with the child, whose need to develop the skill of memorization.The trip can also play these games.for example: "I'm going on a picnic and take with me ...", and all take turns adding one object to the list and repeat the entire list.


Using mnemonic techniques, you can help develop the child's memory.It can be a variety of phrases, poems, usually helps to remember the studied facts.For example, you can teach a child to remember the number of days per month at the knuckles.


If a child needs to learn a poem or role in the school play, better to break a given material into separate parts, and the first to begin the most difficult part.


A good method is to test the child's spelling or multiplication table.The verification process can be spoken out loud right words and numbers, and the most difficult - to write.

When a child realizes that the memory - it is an active process, it will feel more confident and will not be afraid to proceed to more complex tasks.