Excessive parental care: helpful or harmful?

excessive parental care What could be the consequences of an excess of parental care and attention to children?Previously, women took care of the house and were immersed in household chores while their children are having fun on the street with endless fun and games.Women in the kitchen preparing soups, baked sweets and doing the cleaning.What has changed today?Instead of working at home, women are more worried about whether their child falls under the category of "normal", according to the same age, and by the standards of consumer ideology.

Nowadays, parenting has become very stressful, highly organized and competitive employment and is seen as a project that you need to perform.

Can smother loving embrace?

In earlier times children were confident and were able to go to school on foot or to run out somewhere on the instructions of, despite the fact that it could take a long time.

Many parents tell stories about how to go to school in the rain, in spite of the wind and snow.Some of these stories in our time may seem ridiculous.Nowadays a new type of parental fears that cause harm to health and well-being of children.It is the parents that show excessive care and custody.

Excessive parental care - the result of hysteria in the media?

In the occurrence of the phenomenon of excessive parental care to blame the media, in particular the reports of the abduction and sexual exploitation of children.Naturally, we all want to protect their children from the surrounding violence.Television advertising and ads in the newspapers give the appearance as if the horrific events occur continuously and just around the corner of a neighboring house.

Like it or not, but the tragedy of the eleventh September 2001 terrorism has provoked speculation in the media that made parents more to think about the safety of children.Fear generates only fear and, unfortunately, the media take advantage of this by spreading more stories of abductions, intimidation, abuse of children.Nowadays, parents who allow children to walk freely, to travel, ride a bike and explore the world, condemn and criticize other parents.They are considered irresponsible and bad parents who put their children at risk, but not the parents who develop the child's independence.

What is excessive parental care

There is a myth that in order for children to be happy, you need to protect them from any unpleasant or sad events, that is constantly defending them from the huge and terrible the world.That is why so many parents drive their children to school, even if it is not needed.Many parents also take decisions.And the problems are solved by parents, too.They also bear the consequences of the mistakes committed by the child.The problem of excessive guardianship is most common in affluent families.

What are the consequences

Children experienced the excessive parental care grow up spoiled, insecure people with low self-esteem and fear of their own decisions and try something new.Children who are frightened of responsibility, tend to blame others, they are often cowardly and humble or arrogant, and arrogant.These children are considered to be emotionally immature for his age group.

How to get rid of the habit of excessive take care of their children

excess of parental care depends on the parents' level of confidence in himself as well as the confidence in the world around them.Parents who allow children to make their own decisions, allocate them a lot of free time to play and to study the outside world, confident.They are optimistic, cheerful and have fun better than sad.Such parents honestly tell children about accidents and tragedies that happen around that allows children to learn how to face life with confidence and self-assess such events.As soon as you notice that your child begins to move you make decisions, plan their time, experiences and challenges - it's time to stop to take care of it.

Many schools, unfortunately, support the media in the spread of horror stories, so parents will initially difficult to change the habitual behavior.

You can also become a victim of the pressure of other parents who are not going to change my point of view, and will be afraid of your.This can mean one thing - you have some time to be in the minority.

On the other hand, you can share your view and your friends invite children to walk or ride bikes to school together.

Put the edge of laziness and change the daily routine so that your child will feel independent and responsible.Give him a chance to make mistakes and encourage the manifestation of nature.Believe in your child and make him believe in himself.Be responsive parents - empathize your children, help them, because you will not control them, but it would not be a manifestation of excessive care.If notice of a return to the old habit - parental care, stop and let the child grow, develop, explore, plan, create, learn, make mistakes, fall and get up.