Calendula: therapeutic properties and contraindications "summer bride"

healing properties of calendula and contraindications blooms in early July in suburban areas calendula, therapeutic properties and contraindications is a little familiar to everyone.Following the Sun, it turns its bright yellow head, as if the young lady, relentlessly tracking the vending her partner.For such unusual behavior of the people flower called "summer bride".Calendula has long been used as a healing agent.However, its range of action of drugs is not limited.


with health

Motley basket calendula - just a storehouse of useful compounds.Carotenoids (provitamin A), ascorbic acid, flavonoids, coumarins, and mucus kamedevye resin comprise up to twenty percent of the dry weight of plants.In addition, in the flowers contain essential oils and various trace elements: selenium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, calcium.

Thanks to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, calendula can be used as a general tonic.In the summer of freshly harvested flowers should be added to the vegetable and fruit salads.And in the winter of dried raw materials preparing the infusion, which is used to prevent flu and colds.

ether compounds calendula exhibit bactericidal properties against many disease organisms, including staphylococcus and streptococcus.Infusion of the plant shown to rinse with angina, gingivitis, stomatitis.With the same purpose, use an alcohol tincture of calendula.One or two teaspoons of the drug prior to throw in a glass of water.When infant thrush piece of bandage soaked in broth calendula and remove them from the fungal plaque of the mouth of the child.

Pounded into mush fresh flowers is applied to suppurating wounds, abrasions, scratches for their decontamination and rapid healing.Weak infusion is used to wash the eye with the barley and conjunctivitis.

Part of the plant precursor of vitamin A has a regenerative effect, accelerates tightening of skin lesions has softening and soothing effects.

As a means of healing calendula preparations are assigned both internally and externally.Infusion of calendula washed fistulas, bed sores, burns.In gastric ulcer or intestine into pelleted recommended purified extract of calendula flowers - "Kaleflon."The drug suppresses aggression gastric juice healing erosions of the mucous of the digestive tract, restores its protective properties.

in dermatological practice good effect gives application of finished pharmacy ointment "Marigold".It is appointed by the local burns, cuts, bruises, cracked nipples in nursing mothers, insect bites.

Owing coumarins and copper, and the plant is used as an antiinflammatory agent.In gynecology diluted Calendula tincture is prescribed for douching with cervical erosion and obesity.The tool improves metabolic processes in the cells of affected tissues, normalizes vaginal flora, restores the mucous.Gastritis, colitis and proctitis is recommended to reduce inflammation internal reception floral infusion.

with periodontitis laying in gum pockets turundas moistened with undiluted calendula tincture Calendula tincture: for health and beauty Calendula tincture: for health and beauty , reduces bleeding and seal the gingival tissue.

galenovo (spirit) forms of calendula also have antispasmodic and choleretic effect.By relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive organs, they are at the same time stimulate the secretory activity, strengthen education and the separation of bile.Admission calendula tincture is indicated for biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis, unspecified pain in the stomach.

Selenium is a part of the plant acts as a powerful antioxidant Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits .This mineral inhibits the oxidative processes in tissues, protects cells from damage, inhibits the growth of malignant tumors.Traditional healers are advised to take into the infusion of marigold in cancer of the stomach and in the form of lotions for breast cancer.


cosmetic properties

Due to the high content of essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? and provitamin A, calendula tincture cleanses, softens and soothes the skin.The effectiveness of its use in acne, redness and frostbite.

Applications with tincture of plants used in alopecia and hair loss.Alcohol solution stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, increases the activity of the hair follicles, imbues them with nutrients.


Spoon tar

Despite the usefulness of calendula should not abuse it.This herb is not recommended:

  • If cholelithiasis.Leveraging the separation of bile, calendula can cause output of stones from the gallbladder.In the best case it threatens the emergence of biliary colic, and at worst - a blockage of the bile ducts.
  • In the period of acute gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach or intestines.Bile irritating mucosal lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, inhibits regeneration and increases pain.
  • If allergy to the plant.

formally contraindicated calendula for children, pregnant and lactating women, as it is not conducted special clinical studies to prove the safety of its use in these categories of patients.

very important in the treatment of Calendula comply with the recommended dosage.When administered in large quantities of drugs of this plant depress the nervous system, causing weakness, drowsiness and confusion.

Sedation marigold is also apparent while its use with sedatives: valerian, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness , motherwort, Melissa, tranquilizers and barbiturates.