Inguinal hernia in girls: there can be serious complications

inguinal hernia in girls inguinal hernia in girls occurs much less frequently than boys and has the features of formation.It can be congenital or acquired, and its causes in these cases will be different.Herniation accompanied by certain symptoms.If untreated, it can develop complications.


What is an inguinal hernia

It is a pathological condition in which the organs of the abdomen are located in the groin under the skin through artificial or natural openings in the abdominal wall.At the same time the internal organs are covered with a thin sheath of connective tissue that lines the abdominal cavity (peritoneum).

hernia has several prerequisites.It:

  • hernial ring - natural or artificial opening in the abdominal wall through which the hernial contents out;
  • Hernial bag - it's part of the peritoneum that protrudes through a hernial.It also identified a number of parts.The initial part of a bag called the mouth, narrow bag department which is located deep in the abdominal wall - neck.Body - this is the biggest part of the bag beyond the hernial ring, and the bottom - most remote Department.Hernial sac can be both single and multi-chamber;
  • hernial contents - internal organs, which are located in the cavity of the hernia sac.If the content is completely reduce a cavity in the abdomen, such hernias called vpravimymi.If irreducible hernia contents reduce a partially or reduce a.If the contents of the hernia sac is restrained in the hernial ring, the formed strangulated hernia.


Causes inguinal hernia in girls

Girls during their fetal development uterus is much higher than after birth.The body gradually descends and moves for a peritoneum.This forms a fold of peritoneum, which can penetrate into the inguinal canal and form a pocket there.

this pocket may enter the abdominal organs (usually bowel loops and a large gland and the ovaries and fallopian tubes).So formed inguinal hernia congenital girls.

inguinal hernia occurs acquired after birth.It is formed after a significant surge straining stomach or strong physical exertion.


Symptoms of inguinal hernia in girls

more common bilateral inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? girls.Symptoms of congenital and acquired hernias are similar.

in the groin area (with one or two sides) is noticeably protrusion of rounded shape.This protrusion increases with crying, screaming, coughing, sneezing, straining, and exertion, that is, in cases where the increased pressure in the abdomen.

The upright protrusion increases.In the supine position, it decreases or disappears.

hernia more noticeable if it is below, and is located in a great sex lip.When pressure is applied to a hernia, you usually hear rumbling.This symptom is especially pronounced when the hernial sac are bowel loops.If there is no infringement, it is easy to reduce a hernia in the abdominal cavity, and the child does not feel pain or discomfort.

In order to establish the diagnosis, consultation pediatric surgery.The doctor finds the complaint, examines and probes the groin.

Determining whether an inguinal hernia in girls is straightforward.

If need be, carried ultrasound.It allows you to determine which organs are in the hernial sac.Sometimes it applied load test.



Sometimes the hernia becomes nevpravimoy.However, it continues to grow in size.

If an infringement of an inguinal hernia, the protrusion not reduce a self.It becomes tense, and at a palpation - sharply painful.If the infringement of the bowel loops nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system and vomiting, can increase the body temperature.The child becomes restless, he starts crying, complaining of pain in the protrusion.Often joins delay gas and stool.There may also infringe ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Unless provided emergency assistance, disturbed blood flow to organs in the hernial sac, and is their necrosis (necrosis).Against this background may develop peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum).Usually infringement occurs against the backdrop of increasing intra-abdominal pressure, disorders of the intestine How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process How to organize the work of the intestine - a phased process or bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside .

prohibits forced yourself to try to straighten strangulated hernia.This can result in damage to the internal organs disadvantaged.



Surgery - the only effective way to treat this disease.With the help of modern methods of anesthesia, it can be done at any age.

When the diagnosis is established, the doctor routinely assigns operation.If it is not to spend time, it can develop complications.Before the planned surgery must pass some tests.If inguinal hernia infringed, the operation is performed on an emergency basis.

surgeon during surgery makes an incision through which gets to the herniation.Then you need to carefully examine the expert hernial sac, if the latter are bodies, they reduce a back into the abdominal cavity.After that, the hernial sac is cut off.

child is usually in the hospital three to five days.More often than not imposed bioresorbable sutures, and they do not need to be removed.In other cases, the sutures are removed during the seventh through the tenth day after surgery.In order to prevent the recurrence of the disease, it is necessary to limit the exercise for a while.

If you find a child in the groin bulge need to see a pediatric surgeon.After the examination, the doctor confirm or refute the diagnosis of inguinal hernia, and give recommendations for further treatment.When symptoms of infringement of surgery should be performed in the shortest possible time.