Healing Mint: therapeutic properties and contraindications "female" herb

Mint medicinal properties and contraindications Botanica described more than 20 species of mint: apple, curly, Japanese, wading ... However, widespread use in medicine has found only one of them - peppermint or, as it is called, the English mint, medicinalproperties and contraindications which are known for a long time.



curative effect of the plant is due to its unique chemical composition.The young shoots of grass contains from 1 to 3% essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? , the main active components of which are menthol and azulene.These compounds provide the therapeutic effects of a wide variety of mint.

in small amounts in the leaves of plants are also found:

  • trace elements (copper, manganese, strontium),
  • anthocyanins,
  • flavonoids,
  • polyphenols,
  • unsaturated fatty acids,
  • vitamins C and R.


Useful properties and preparations

mint essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and kapillyaroukreplyayuschee action.His pair enhance the bactericidal properties of the skin and mucous membranes, detrimental effect on pathogens.Especially pronounced antimicrobial properties of the plant against Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus.

peppermint pharmaceutical industry made a large number of preparations intended for oral care: toothpastes, powders, elixirs.Such funds have not only the disinfecting effect, but also struggling with inflammation in diseases of the gums and tooth decay.By suppressing the putrefaction, mint eliminates bad breath and refreshes the breath.

anti-inflammatory properties of mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness make it an indispensable tool in the fight against lung disease.

inhalations with essential oil or a decoction of the leaves of grass used for bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis.It was found that the active ingredients plant have soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, increase local immunity.Nasal drops, which include the mint extract, help eliminate nasal rhinitis.In order to prevent respiratory viral infections peppermint oil can be added to domestic oil burner Aroma - create an atmosphere of Aroma - create an atmosphere .

Scientific studies have shown that menthol contained in the plant when applied to the skin excites cold receptors.This superficial vessels of the body reflex narrowed, and blood vessels of the internal organs dilate, which provides a small anesthetic effect.Menthol is no coincidence that the main ingredient of many ointments and solutions ("Boromentol", "Efkamon", "Menovazin") who are appointed to relieve neurological and muscle pain.At home, doctors advise prepare baths with infusion of mint leaves.Showing such water treatments for arthritis, arthrosis, myalgia, injuries and sprains.

positive impact ether compounds have a mint on the cardiovascular system and brain function.They dilate the coronary vessels, improves cerebral blood circulation.Relieves angina, migraines, vertigo.

cardiac patients are familiar with such drugs menthol as "Validol" and drops Zelenin.A few drops of pure peppermint oil is recommended to drip on sugar and put his cheek in mild attacks of angina pectoris.For headaches helpful smell the plants, or to lubricate the whiskey special menthol pencil.

Due to the presence of polyphenols and azulene, mint formulations are beneficial to the digestive tract.They enhance the secretion of digestive glands, stimulate peristalsis, help to cope with nausea.Tincture of peppermint and tablets "Mint" shown in diseases of the gallbladder and liver, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain unidentified.At sea and air sickness nausea quickly resolve it helps to take a language "Validol."

mint calming effect on the central nervous system.By the force of the effect it is much inferior to valerian drug, but does not reduce the performance, causes lethargy and depression.Tea leaves plant use with nervousness, stress, insomnia.He is appointed as an adjuvant therapy for migraines and frequent headaches.


Folk remedy

In folk medicine, peppermint is more commonly known as the "female" herb.And it all is that the plant contains analogues of female hormones - phytoestrogens that improve the functioning of the ovaries, and inhibit the formation of testosterone.

Infusion mint healers recommend drinking women in menopause, during heavy painful menstruation, menstrual irregularities and excessive growth of body hair.


What cosmetologists say?

Peppermint decoction is suitable for the care of any skin type.Dry skin it helps retain moisture and fat - reduce the formation of sebaceous secretion (sebum).Additionally, essential oils are part of a plant, eliminate bacterial dermatitis and relieve skin inflammation.Beauticians are advised to wipe the face of the frozen cubes of peppermint decoction two to three times a day.

mint and applied as a means of improving the condition of hair.Shampoos and conditioners made on its basis, save dandruff Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do and split ends.


This harmful "female" herb?

Despite numerous medicinal properties, have mint and disadvantages.It is not necessary to use it in the following categories of people:

  • pregnancy.There is a risk that the phytoestrogens contained in the grass, improve the tone of the uterus and provoke premature births.
  • breastfeeding women.Plant hormone-like substances can cause violation of lactation.
  • children under 6 years.Some children menthol causes severe bronchospasm, up to respiratory arrest.
  • People suffering from varicose vein disease.Mint has a vasodilatory effect, so provokes such patients develop swelling in the legs.
  • hypotensive.Like any antispasmodic, peppermint lowers blood pressure.
  • patients undergoing homeopathic remedies.Homeopaths claim that the fragrant herb inhibits the action mikrodozirovannyh drugs.
  • Due to the ability to reduce the production of testosterone men mint shown in limited quantities.

A number of people fragrant herb can cause allergic reactions.In that case, agents use it too should not be.