Congenital inguinal hernia - a problem of boys

Congenital inguinal hernia Congenital inguinal hernia - a phenomenon not uncommon.It occurs more often in boys as in girls the inguinal canal fortified better.Often this pathology combined with hydrocele or spermatic cord.The only radical method of treatment of congenital inguinal hernia is surgery.


What is congenital inguinal hernia

Any hernia is the protrusion of an internal organ or a part thereof through the various holes under the skin, in the intermuscular space or any space.So, at abdominal hernia abdominal organs go through the various holes in the skin of the abdomen or elsewhere.

The hernia release:

  • hernial ring - a hole through which overlook the internal organs;
  • hernial sac - it is formed by the peritoneum - the shell, which contains all the abdominal organs;
  • the contents of the hernia sac - it can be any abdominal organs.

Congenital inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? in children very often, but sometimes it can occur in adults.

Boys hernia formed during omission testicle from the abdomen to the pelvis and scrotum, the girls - the omission of the ovary.Their peritoneum covers the hole which normally grows, and if not overgrown, then through the hole behind the testis (ovary) may extend the internal organs in males is typically part of the bowel.At the same time the peritoneal cavity in direct communication with the cavity of the scrotum - a necessary condition for the development of congenital hernia.The danger in this case is the denial of a hernia, compression of bowel loops and its necrosis (necrosis).

Congenital inguinal hernia is often associated with hydrocele and spermatic cord, as well as the spermatic cord cysts.


Symptoms of congenital inguinal hernia

Congenital inguinal hernia may manifest as swelling elongated along the inguinal canal on one side, which is particularly noticeable when sneezing, laughing, crying and coughing child.This swelling soft to the touch, in the supine position is reduced, and the indentation in the peritoneal cavity is rapidly disappearing.In girls, the swelling can spread to the labia on one or both sides.

After a decline in intra-abdominal pressure swelling may disappear, but then it reappears.At the time of the disappearance of hernia boys on closer inspection you can find the seal of the spermatic cord.This feature is called symptom silk gloves.

To confirm the diagnosis verified symptom cough shock if your fingertip hold of the scrotum to the external opening of the inguinal canal, the baby strains, which is manifested in the form of coughing, crying, laughing, and so on.

If congenital inguinal hernia infringed, then the probing bulging baby cries, hernia is not reduce a.Strangulated hernia can be accompanied by regurgitation at first, then vomiting, bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside and delay chair.The boys often infringed intestinal loop, the girls - the ovary.

As the boys left testicle is usually omitted in the scrotum before the right, the right inguinal hernias are much more common than the left.There are also bilateral inguinal hernia congenital, but less frequently.


Congenital inguinal hernia - Treatment

Depending on the child's treatment of congenital inguinal hernia repair can be carried out immediately after birth, or postponed indefinitely.The child in this case is carried out constant monitoring of the surgeon.

in children from birth to 5 years, the aim is to eliminate the hernia repair is not communication between the overgrown processus vaginalis of the peritoneum and abdominal cavity The best age for surgery is the age of 6-8 months.Congenital inguinal hernia operated without opening the inguinal canal, as the cause of a hernia is a congenital hernia sac, not a weakness of relevant muscles.During the operation release the hernial sac, dissect it, the contents reduce a into the abdominal cavity, thus separating the spermatic cord and the testicle with their covering peritoneum hernia sac.Then hernial carefully sutured and carry plastic front wall of the inguinal canal.

When strangulated inguinal hernia in children Inguinal hernia in children - how to eliminate the defect Inguinal hernia in children - how to eliminate the defect within the first 12 hours is usually conducted conservative treatment, designed for samovpravlenie hernia.This is due to the fact that the pinching occurs more easily in children than in adults.If conservative treatment in the form of warm baths, antispasmodics (drugs that cause relaxation of smooth muscles of internal organs), the elevated position of the pelvis does not help about something urgent operation.

Congenital inguinal hernia is common and requires an individual approach to the treatment of each child.

Galina Romanenko