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kids educational games When a child begins to understand the reality around him, the main task of the parents (in addition tothe satisfaction of his natural needs) is to contribute to it.The easiest, pleasant and painless way to achieve this goal - developing games.

Communication skills (development of communication skills)

Many children experience difficulties in communication caused by shyness How to win your shyness? How to win your shyness? or fears.The purpose of educational games for children Useful games for kids - The Steadfast Tin Soldier Useful games for kids - The Steadfast Tin Soldier - to overcome this obstacle for normal full communion.Described below games are suitable for communication in a group of unfamiliar children and help children learn more about each other, identify common interests, to understand how to build a scheme of communication and interact successfully.

  • «I'm looking for ..." (from 4.5 years).Whoever leads (at first it may be an adult), he says: "I'm looking for one who has blonde hair", and all fair-haired children are hiding.A child who has not coped with the task, drives and asks questions.
  • «Find a friend" (for children from 5 years).Children (or adults and children) are split into pairs, one of the partners is blindfolded and allow to walk freely around the room and then asked to "find a friend".Even if the child chooses not to his partner, the game continues and the players switch roles.
  • «Rainbow" (for children from 4 years).Children stand in a circle, the center of which is the one who leads.He describes the different colors of the rainbow, and each child must find the color named, for example, on their clothes or nearby.A child who has not fulfilled the task lead.


often happens that under the circumstances the child becomes withdrawn, shy or afraid to express their emotions, so it is difficult to interpret other people's emotions.Games to improve the emotional, help your child learn to fearlessly express their emotions, feelings and moods.

  • «Photo" (for children from 4 years).The game can be played in a group of children or child and adult (adult).Child (ren) shows an image of man in the guise of which obviously is read pronounced emotion.Child (ren) are asked to describe what a man feels in the picture.
  • «Emotions" (for children from 4 years).Children stand in a circle, the center of which is the one who leads.He asked the other children to show any emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code (joy, sadness, longing, sadness).In addition to its main mission, this game also helps exercise facial mobility child.

Coordination and Development of the vestibular apparatus

In the period of active growth is some awkwardness and stiffness in children is quite natural.For the development of motor coordination experts recommend dancing and other activities focused on the traffic.

  • «Think Dance" (for children from 5 years).Turn rhythmic music, ask the children to stand in a circle and alternately show any dance moves.Each child should show his movement, and the other children have to repeat after him.
  • «Magic Ball" (for children from 5 years).Whoever leads, asking children to imagine that they are in a fantastic fairy ball, for example, on the ocean floor.Each child chooses a sea inhabitant, he or she will represent (to copy his movements).Whoever leads, in this case Neptune, selects a child who best portrayed the selected marine life, and he takes his place and offers, for example, to introduce ourselves, "balloon."Accordingly, each participant has to draw some flying creature.
  • «Freeze!" (For children from 4 years).Adult involves rhythmic music that the children dance, jump, clap, sing and shout ... When the music stops, the adult (or whoever leads) says, "Freeze!".Children should freeze in the position in which they are located.For the most expressive dance and posture, you can assign a prize.

Educational games help your child become a more open and sociable, considerate of others, learn to overcome his fears and complexes.

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