DTP vaccination - whether it protects the child from dangerous diseases?

DPT vaccination DPT vaccination is a part of the national immunization schedule to protect against the most dangerous to life and health of the child infections.Due to DTP vaccination in Russia completely eliminated this dangerous infection, diphtheria, and rare among children whooping cough and tetanus.


formation of immunity to infectious diseases

Normally, in response to a hit in the body of an infectious agent begins to produce special types of proteins - antibodies, which are called antibodies.Antibodies bind to infectious agents, which are foreign to the human body (antigens) and neutralize them.Thus formed immunity to the infection.

in vivo formation of immunity is almost always accompanied by illness, sometimes very serious.In order to avoid this, developed special products (vaccines), composed of attenuated or killed pathogens.After administration of the vaccine in the body are also produced antibodies to HIV, which protect the body from disease.


What is DTP vaccination

DTP - is adsorbed diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine.The vaccine consists of a suspension of killed pertussis rods and purified diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, x deposited on aluminum hydroxide gel.The vaccine protects your baby from dangerous infections such as diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, which is very dangerous for young children.

DTP vaccine meets the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO).One of its vaccination dose of 0.5 ml contains not less than 30 IU International (MIE) of diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid MIE 60 and not less than 4 International protection units (Mze) pertussis vaccines.

DTP vaccine is a cell, because it contains killed (inactivated) cells pertussis.

There acellular DTP counterparts.These include vaccines Infanrix (GlaxoSmithKline, UK) and Pentaxim (Sanofi Pasteur, France).The structure also includes a vaccine Pentaxim vaccine poliomielina and Haemophilus influenzae type b.Acellular vaccines are better tolerated by the human body, so include only the basic elements of the bacterial cells necessary for the formation of immunity, with no other biologically active substances that can cause post-vaccination complications.


When and how DTP is injected

DTP vaccination consists of three injections of the vaccine at intervals of 45 days.The first administration of the vaccine starts at the age of three months.One year after vaccination revaccination with DTP.After that vaccination against pertussis this pest, pest whooping ... This pest, pest whooping ... in our country do not, and vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus Tetanus - a constant companion of man Tetanus - a constant companion of man continue to hold diphtheria-tetanus toxoid (Td).At age 7, is held the second revaccination in 14 years - the third.In the future, revaccination should be carried out every 10 years.

DTP vaccine administered intramuscularly in a strictly dose of 0.5 ml, the recommended injection site - perednenaruzhnoy middle third of the thigh.Before the introduction, make sure that the needle does not penetrate a blood vessel.


To contraindicated DTP vaccination

DPT inoculation can not be done with any acute illness and exacerbation of chronic disease, a progressive disorder when expressed by the baby's brain, including those accompanied by convulsions.

contraindication for the next administration of DTP is also a strong reaction, which developed within 48 hours after the previous administration of a vaccine containing pertussis components: increase in body temperature to 40 ° C and higher, longer unusual crying syndrome, seizures, and other disorders of the central nervoussystem.

absolute contraindication for administration of DTP is an allergic reaction that occurred against the background of the previous administration of the vaccine.


Adverse reactions to the vaccine DTP

Adverse reactions to DTP can be local and general.Local reactions manifest themselves as reddening and induration at the injection site and developed within 48 hours after vaccination.In rare cases, severe local reactions are, when swelling captures two or more joints.But such reactions are themselves in 3-5 days.

Common reactions - fever (from minor to high numbers), irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams (insomnia or sleepiness), appetite,diarrhea, vomiting, prolonged crying.In rare cases may cause allergic rash, angioedema, anaphylactic shock, seizures.

DTP vaccination protects the baby from deadly infections.

Galina Romanenko

Everything you wanted to know about DTP vaccination

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