Enema child - how to put it right

Enema child enema may require a child of any age.Of particular importance are the enema in the first few months of life, it is not yet formed a natural intestinal microflora, which helps digest food.During this period, the child is constantly having problems with the intestines: constipation, diarrhea, bloating and so on.

Types of enemas and rules of conduct

enema - a procedure for the introduction of fluid into the rectum for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.With the purpose of treatment used cleansing, laxative (including oil), medicinal and nutritional enema.Diagnostic enema - an introduction into the rectum of contrast agents for subsequent X-ray examination.

For the small children used enema syringe (a small pear-shaped rubber balloon), with a soft tip of the same material (continuation syringe) or with removable caps of hard plastic.

volume of syringes can be from 30 to 360 ml.

to do an enema nursing baby baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger , syringe sterilized by boiling (30 minutes), then gaining them the required amount of liquid, the tip smeared baby cream or sterile oil.The child is placed on the left side, bending his knees, then his buttocks and pushing gently, without pressure is introduced to a depth of 3-5 cm tip of the syringe (pre-need to pick up the syringe tip and let the air out of it by clicking on the bottom).With the introduction of the tip it should be directed first bit (2 cm) forward, then, minuv internal and external sphincter (special circular muscle, opens and closes the lumen of the intestine) anus, a little back to a depth of 2-3 cm, thenslowly pushed to the bottom of the syringe.

liquid injected during inspiration child (but not in any way under high pressure), when he breathes and cries, this process is temporarily suspended.After liquid is introduced, it is necessary to bring the tip and gently compress the buttocks with his hands, by holding them in this state for about a minute.After this, the child can be put on the back, then turn to the other side and belly.In this case, the liquid spreads throughout the intestine.

For the enema in children older than three years are a mug Esmarch douches Mug - is indispensable to wash the bowel Mug Esmarch - indispensable for intestinal lavage .Its volume is much larger, and the syringe is 1.5-2 l.Inflow rate of fluid is controlled by means of a crane, placed on a rubber tube or a special clamp.After an enema child should lie down for about 10 minutes (it is better if it will roll over) until intensify peristalsis and will urge the act of defecation.

enema for children

enema is performed with constipation, bloating (if not help venting tube), prior to the various types of studies of the gastrointestinal tract, before leading into the rectum drugs.

For enema nursing baby administered boiled water, heated to a temperature below its dark body (for older children, the water can be a little cool).The amount of water depends on the age and weight of the child and the first six months of life to 30-60 mL, from six months to a year - to 150 ml, with 1 to 2 years - to 200 ml with 2 to 5 years - 300 ml, 59 years - 400 ml, over 10 years - 0.5 liters.

To strengthen the cleansing action enemas, children under one year in the water can add a little vegetable oil or glycerin (no more than a teaspoon).

enema contraindicated in suspected that a child of acute surgical diseases (intestinal obstruction, acute appendicitis, and so on), as well as in various diseases of the rectum.

laxative enema for children

in older age can be carried laxative enema - oil and glycerol.

Sometimes they are also used as a therapeutic for the treatment of inflammatory bowel.These enemas particularly indicated when muscle spasms bowel accompanied by constipation, as the oil in the gut and cleaved irritates the mucosa of the intestine, increasing its locomotor activity and promoting easier bowel.

For such an enema into the rectum using a syringe injected 40-180 ml slightly warmed vegetable oil or 5-10 ml of purified glycerine Glycerin: miracle ingredient for skin and hair Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair .After this enema chair appears after several hours (usually in the morning, if the enema is made at night).

Another type of laxative enemas - with hypertonic sodium chloride solution (10% solution - 10 g of salt per 100 ml water), which attracts water and thereby cleanses the bowel.It is better to do in the event that does not work the muscles of the intestine, it does not move and does not contribute to the promotion of the stool (constipation atonic).The effect of such an enema comes after about half an hour.

medicinal and nutritional enema for children

For medicinal enemas to infants usually are not used syringe, and special elastic tube (catheter) through which the drug can enter with a syringe for accurate dose.Half an hour before administration of the enema is usually performed only after purgation medicine was injected.For this purpose it is possible to introduce many drugs, they are absorbed in the intestine faster than by oral administration.

Nutrient enemas do as well as medicines.This is often required when uncontrollable vomiting.The intestines are introduced weak solutions of glucose Glucose: a source of energy Glucose: The energy source and various salt solutions.

Galina Romanenko