Procedures of the early development of children - whether to use them?

  • Procedures of the early development of children - whether to use them?
  • Nikitin system and method of Masaru Ibuka

methods of early childhood development Every child develops in its own way.Most clearly noticeable in the family, where siblings appear different skills at different ages.Nevertheless, there are certain criteria for development, focusing on who can determine if a child does not lag behind in development.Developmental delay may occur even in healthy child if he does not pay attention.

Early Child Development

early development is considered to be an intensive development of the abilities of the child from 0 to 2-3 years.Train a child in this age by conventional techniques impossible.

Children quickly grasp all.Not only is forced to do something, all the training should take place only in the form of interesting games.But not always the parents themselves can come up with a game, which is why special techniques.

technique of training the individual child should choose individually, so that he liked her at an early age the only way to teach something.All methods of early child education include games, during which the child must use all of your senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch - it is all-round development should be the goal of parents.However, they should be clear about the purpose of the child's development: it must be a kind of help in the development of joint training and interesting, not limited to some time (at this age a child is difficult to deal with on the clock).But in no case can not set a goal to make him a genius - so you can overload the child's information, which undoubtedly cause him great harm.

Learning to read and count on the dice tables NAZaitseva

child difficult to pronounce certain sounds, usually, he says, only syllables or vowels that can pull.It is based on this method of teaching early reading on child cubes Zaitseva, who saw one of the structure of language is not in the letter or syllable, and in the warehouse.Warehouse represents or two letters (consonant + vowel + consonant hard or soft sign), or a single letter.From these warehouses Zaitsev did cubes, using which a child can create a word.Cubes have a different color, size, emit different ringing - it allows children to understand the difference between individual sounds.

Methodology can be used since birth.The first six months will not understand what he saw and remembered, but over time the number of impressions turn into quality and the baby will start to give out information.Children after a year when this procedure begin to talk and read at the same time.On cubes Zaitseva can start learning to read at any age.

system tables Zaitseva allows the child with interest to plunge into the exciting world of the account.The table clearly shows the child how many of what is and that it can be "done" until and fractions of degrees.Methods of teaching account is designed for children after three years.

Methods of teaching account for multi-colored pyramid

authors of this technique believe that the child will be easier to navigate in the run up to ten precisely such a pyramid.Pyramid is composed of ten circles, and allows the child after a brief workout instantly embrace eyes and understand all of its components.Children quickly memorize the individual components of numbers (for example, 7 = 5, 2 or 2, 2, 2 and 1, etc.) and then freely guided in the lead.So, if you want to find 9 red circles, the child understands that in this case easier to count the blue circles and subtracted from 10.

The methodology proposed to use a set of cards from the pyramids, which allow the game from the very simple to quite complex.It helps the competitive method, where children compete with each other or with adults.

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