How to help your child to improve memory - preparing for exams

help the child to improve memory often in the world of parents and children, pupils and students on the topic of disputes assess their learning.However, there are two sides of the issue.One side says that the exam is designed to test the knowledge acquired children, and parents should encourage their children to it.The other side argues that parents need to convince their children that the exams to nothing lead, do not mean anything, and the most important in the learning process - it's just the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

What are the exams?

Exams are held for several tasks:

  • learn Mid;
  • to decide on the availability of transition to the next level;
  • know the effectiveness of the teacher;

Teachers dealing with children, and can be divided into several categories:

  • teacher, eager to put knowledge in children;such teachers believe that the exam results reflect the knowledge of children and do everything possible for their students exams;
  • teachers who make the exams so difficult that none of the students will not pass the test.

Most examinations and tests lack the main thing - the practical part.If children are taught that in the end will have to be evaluated, it is possible to hope that the next time they will be able to give the correct answer to a question or an example that they could decide on the exam.In fact, children do not know how to apply their knowledge in life.

Unfortunately, many of the examinations and tests - a memory test.And, sadly, the older the students, the more is expected of them good memory and the less - practical application.How many times in your life after graduation students useful tasks about sine and cosine?And how many times in the Institute had considered cash?

school system uses the exams just to clarify the level of learning students.Parents, however, have a choice:

  • position yourself as someone who believes that progress is not dependent on the ability to learn the materials and exams are not important;
  • help their children pass exams.

However, once the exams are entered as obligatory stage of education.we should try and help their children to develop their methods of storing and strengthen memory.

How to improve memory

memory can easily be improved by training.It can be compared to the muscles, which can be developed and strengthened through prolonged and constant training.

According to the results of some studies have shown that memory is influenced by aerobic exercise.It should happen more often to children in the air, walking and active forms of games.Sport a hobby - also a good option.

Many children fail exams because of stress.Stress - a major obstacle to a good memory.Children should learn to relax.They should master the skills of teaching and recreation.Deep breathing and meditation techniques all Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit very well affect the memory.

One of the main obstacles to remember new information - it's all sorts of distractions that create the background "noise".It should encourage children learning skills without spread to many unnecessary distractions.For example, to teach the material is not recommended when the TV.Do not try to learn words on the background of live music.During training, the ability to focus is very important key.

to improve memory can be accessed for reading, crossword solving, puzzles, games, logic and thinking, puzzles, Sudoku and other games.

Children should help correctly and rationally allocate their time.Some children better remember in the morning, the other - in the afternoon, depending on the type of character.Knowing your child and his ability, his time should be allocated so that the learning process, if possible, come to his active part of the day.

Any mechanical action to be taken at the time of learning, improves memorization.You can help the children to consolidate knowledge, if come up with some exercises related to memorize words, or spend some analogies and associations with the text.

Understanding the characteristics of your child can help greatly in memory training.If the baby is more developed visual memory, can be used for learning colors and pictures.If more developed auditory memory, let aloud pronounces the training material.If the development of kinesthetic memory, the child may move with efficiency, while at the same time, his memory will carry out its functions.If a child learns best figures need to help him to structure the information.Each child has their own way of learning, so it is useless to impose their way of remembering.Can you tell me about them, and if they fit the child, if he is comfortable, he uses them.

During training, children have to memorize a lot of information.And the task of parents includes the ability to understand your child, develop individual techniques of memorization and improve memory and skills development of their child.In this case, the children will easily absorb the course material, to easily create a link between the data and display the results in studies.