Igroterapiya - the path to a successful development of the child

igroterapiya igroterapiya - is part of the overall picture of what happens to a man.An important part, but, nevertheless, a large component of the process, and the only way it can be evaluated.There are other areas in which to work therapist or his colleagues.Since most of the objects of this therapy are children, it is important that there are adults involved in their immediate environment.

in therapy for children of all ages - from 0 to 100+ years

igroterapiya techniques can be quite easily adapted to the needs of adults and their "inner child."For example, many therapists noticed that adults who sessions on a regular basis are building something out of the sand or play other games typical of young children, the improvement is faster than using only talk therapy.Adaptation should be carried out according to the age groups, but in general, the game is an excellent tool for the momentum of creativity and freedom of thought, which is necessary for effective treatment.Traditionally it is believed that the therapeutic effect igroterapiya may be noticeable in children older than three years, but some doctors are already moving away from the standard, offering treatment younger children.

Avoid rules

whole area is related to the study and treatment of mental disorders is still very young.General modern approach to their treatment barely a hundred years old, and therapy aimed at the treatment of children, even less, so the statement that any method is good, because "tested by many generations of specialists" are not justified.Top experts in the field are most open to experiments and igroterapiya - a type of treatment that involves constant experimentation.

history of the emergence and development of igroterapiya

  • 1919 - Hermine Hug-Hellmuth was the first physician who used igroterapiya to treat children.5 years later, she was killed by her nephew eighteen, who according to some sources, it was also a customer.This has caused the medical community intense discussion on the need for water is very responsible approach to experiments in the field of psychotherapeutic work with children.
  • 1932 - Melanie Klein integrated the game in their sessions to make them more appealing to children and help them feel more comfortable.Later it developed structural igroterapiya - in this approach the game is directly used as a substitute for words.The formation of this method is affected by psychoanalytic doctrine and, at least in part, the conviction cathartic value of the game.
  • 1936 - Otto Rank described the importance of so-called "trauma of birth" in human development.Many therapists have used this theory, developing their approaches to igroterapiya.The concept of the birth trauma led to their conviction of the need to create for the child a sense of security during igroterapiya.In this approach, special attention was paid to the relationship of the patient and the therapist, and the value of past events more resplendence.Influence of Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis from it to the superego Psychoanalysis from it to the superego at this stage was still very strong.
  • 1938 - there was a so-called play therapy wagering designed to work with children who have borne the specific injury.During this therapy the physician with the game tried to call the child the same experiences that were with him at the time of the injury, as well as those that it then for some reason, had to hold back.In the same year it was developed active igroterapiya, which was used in a very impulsive children.It was believed that if you give a child the opportunity to express through the game fear, anger and other emotions are very strong Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , then gradually get better and the child's behavior becomes more socially acceptable.

In subsequent years igroterapiya became more directed, that is, there were specific methods for the resolution of specific problems.In igroterapiya began to use painting, music, various relaxation techniques Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! .

Today, one of the most important components igroterapiya is to establish the boundaries acceptable.The child did not restrict, feels a sense of insecurity and can not be fully trusted adult.This does not mean that it is necessary to set strict limits that prevent development.Restrictions should be as small as possible, but as many as necessary.