Bedtime Stories - we were told that the grandmother

bedtime stories Lay your baby to sleep is not easy - resistance, tears, tantrums tire and parents, and of the baby.If the child is already well aware of it, one of the best ways to put him to sleep - read bedtime stories.It is important to do it every night, the baby was waiting for this.In addition, the need to remind him of the whole sequence of actions for which the time will come for the fairy tale.The child seems to be that "come to bed" - is terribly long and boring.If you talk to him that "in five minutes you can get out of the tub and put on his pajamas," "when put on pajamas, brush their teeth will have to be - it will take another two minutes" and "when to brush your teeth, you can go to bed, and Itell you a story "- no longer seem an impossible task.

How useful tales?

Bedtime Stories help the child relax, unwind after a busy day in the kindergarten or school and fall asleep faster.In addition, it is an ideal time for close communion of parents and child.A few tips about reading bedtime stories:

  • Before reading, make sure you and your child, it is convenient - you are sitting or lying down.It is best to find a bed or a couch in an embrace with a toddler.
  • Encourage your child to choose a book that you read.This will give him the opportunity to feel like one of the founders of the process, not just an observer and consumer of the results.
  • Encourage your child to read to you, too, but it is better to read one by one - both of you will like it!
  • During reading Ask your child questions, such as: "How do you think will happen next?", "Why is the wolf could not blow the house of the third pig?" And so on.
  • read fairy tales in verse.Rhyming text easier to remember, and it is well coached memory and develops a child's speech.
  • Engage in reading other family members.It is not necessary to read one by one - you can make a role-reading with mom and dad, adult children and relatives and friends who are in your party.It strengthens family ties, and these moments are some of the most beautiful childhood memories.

Read children

Meanwhile, today's parents are finding less and less time to read it to their children bedtime stories.A significant reduction in the level of literacy among adolescents in no small part due to this fact.The working day is getting longer, and the inhabitants of large cities, in addition, a lot of time spent on it to get to work, and from work - home.In the evening, they feel so tired that there are forces children to read.Often parents are returning home when the children are asleep.

Experts warn about the dangers of this trend.Parents are the first people to the child that lay the basic knowledge.Already they bear all the information obtained in a secondary school;Without this foundation, the training will be much less effective than it could be.

In this trend, there are other, perhaps more serious danger.Traditional fairy tales in the form of metaphors talk about the possibilities of human adaptation to the world and reflects the conflicts that can arise when a person is trying to get in life what he wanted.The more we yield to basic instincts and the more often go for the easiest ways - the more devastating are the consequences of our actions.The more we interact with other people and take into account their interests, the better results we achieve.Talking about it helps tale effortlessly remember basic behavioral patterns and see their potential consequences, as well as learn the basic moral values.

This does not necessarily mean that children who do not read fairy tales, certainly immoral to grow in the traditional sense of the word.However, the likelihood that they will suffer from a significant psychological discomfort sufficiently large.