Outdoor games for children: the movement - this is life

  • Outdoor games for children: the movement - is life
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outdoor games for children When it gets warm, children spend more time outdoors.These traditional fun games will help children have a great time with friends, enjoying the fresh air, the sun and physical activity.Your children will enjoy the game as well as you do at their age!


The goal - to get away as possible from driving, which throws the ball and dodge ball, without lifting the feet off the ground.(For this game need a very soft ball.)

How to play: one person stands in the middle, it will drive.All others stand beside him at arm's length.The leader throws the ball in the air.At this point, the rest run away as far as possible.The leader catches the ball, yelling "Stop!", All the other players at this point stop.

The leader then trying to get in anyone of the ball.Players can thus evade, but can not take your foot off the ground.If the player hit the ball, he scores a point and becomes the driving.If the ball is not hit, leading scores a point and continues to drive.

When a player gets five points, he is eliminated from the game.The game continues until one player remains - he won!

Red light, green light

This is a simple and fun game that does not require any equipment.It is suitable for large and small companies

How to play: one person appointed by the "traffic light".He stands with his back to the other players.The rest of the stand at a distance of 5-7 meters from him."Traffic light" shouts "Green Light!", Players running forward to it.Then the "traffic light" shouts "red light" and turns around.If at this point any player keeps moving, he's out.

The game ends when all players are eliminated, or someone can osalit "traffic light".If man managed this, it becomes a "traffic light" himself.


This game is similar to hide and seek on the contrary.

How to play : one person who drives, hides, and all others are looking for him.When one of the players is conductive, the player joins him in his hideout.When all the players gather in one shelter, they are like sardines in a bank (hence the name).Last finder becomes driving.

Four square

For this game need a ball that is convenient to drop and which bounces off the ground (for example, football or volleyball), chalk and smooth space on which you can draw a line.It is necessary to draw a large square with a side of approximately 3 meters.Then divide it into four equal squares, which should be numbered 1 to 4 in a clockwise direction.The first square is called the "king", the second "lady", the third "Diamonds", the fourth "ace."

How to play: everyone becomes a square.Player at square one takes the ball so that he hit the ground in another square.The player in the square must hit the ball, sending it into another square.However, he must not let the ball hit in his square more than once.If he misses the ball twice, or hits the ground, a player is eliminated (which helps the players change, if more than four).If all four players who missed passes in the fourth square.Goal of the game - as long as possible to stay in place, "the King."


This is an old, but a good game.Children like to run one after another, so all options salokya popular.

How to play: if all children of 10 or 12, you need two-conducting (if more than three or four).Set outside the field of play (for example, use trees or benches as landmarks).

The leader shouts "beginning" and all the others run.Osalit leading try other players.Osalennye frozen in place - they are "vicious" and "spell" they can other players who have not osalili.The latter are not "vicious" are leading into the next game.

Soon the New Year holidays What to do with children in the New Year's holiday What to do with children in the New Year - do not take the time and play with your baby.Here are a few examples of simple and unpretentious games for one or more children.

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