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treatment of nail fungus on my feet folk remedies Regardless of what caused the fungus on the nails, with him, in most cases,You can cope with the help of well-known methods.Treatment of fungal toenails folk remedies widely and effectively.

fungus on the nails, or onychomycosis - a disease which is prevalent in both sexes and in people of almost all ages.Among its symptoms - Seal, yellow or crumbling toenails and sometimes inflammation, swelling and pain in the nail fungus infected.Experts believe the most common causes of onychomycosis abnormal pH level of the skin, wearing socks made of synthetic fabric, weakened immunity, footwear, in which the legs are constantly sweating, poor hygiene, and diabetes.


Tea tree oil

This oil is one of the most effective natural antiseptic and antifungal agents.It is used to treat a variety of skin infections, as well as onychomycosis.For the treatment of nail fungus on my feet to use the pure tea tree oil Tea tree oil Tea tree oil (without any additives), mixed in equal proportions with olive oil.Apply the mixture of oils to the affected nail and skin around it with a cotton swab.Typically, this means gives good results if the infection is not too inveterate.


Baking soda

soda can be used to treat nail fungus on my feet in several ways.

  • Firstly, it can be simply mixed with a small amount of water until a thick homogeneous paste which must be applied to the affected nail and the skin around it.When the paste dries, rinse it with cool water.
  • Secondly, it is possible to do therapeutic foot bath with baking soda.Pour into a bowl three or four liters of hot water, add four to five tablespoons of baking soda, and keep your feet in the water from twenty minutes to half an hour.Then rinse and wipe dry feet with a towel.Repeat every night for several weeks.
  • Third, with soda can prepare even more potent agent against fungus toenails remedy for toenail fungus - what can be done with the infection The remedy for toenail fungus - what can be done with infection .To do this you need to mix in a basin half a cup of baking soda, four cups of hot water, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of white vinegar and, if desired, half a cup of Epsom salts.A few minutes keep the fungus affected fingers in water (fully lowered feet in the water is not necessary).Then dry the feet, soak a mixture of baking soda, water, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar cotton ball, apply it to the affected nails, plaster and fix it.Repeat one or two a day is glad (the prepared solution can be used several times).When used regularly, this tool usually gives results in two to three weeks.However, it should not be applied to broken skin, because it can cause very severe burning, redness and irritation of the skin.


essential oil of orange

All kinds of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? orange have anti-fungal properties and can be used to treat nail fungus on my feet.Pipette daily apply small amount of oil on the affected nail fungus, around them, as well as a prominent part of the nail plate.

Orange essential oil can also be mixed in equal proportions with other oils, such as olive oil or grape seed oil.Because orange oil frequently causes allergic reactions and skin irritation before treatment it is recommended to test on a small area of ​​the skin.


White vinegar

White vinegar is considered one of the most effective folk remedies against fungus toenails.Mix vinegar with warm water in a ratio of 1: 2, and hold the foot (or just the fingers, nails are hit infection) in water for 10-15 minutes.If the vinegar solution irritates the skin, fill it with more water.

Use this tool every day or every other day for at least three weeks.Each time a foot bath towel carefully: in a humid environment fungus can spread very rapidly.


Garlic Garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea Garlic health: almost a panacea contains allicin - a substance that has many useful properties, including, and antifungal.Rub garlic on a small grater, and apply the resulting slurry to the affected nail infections.Cover the nail adhesive.This tool is recommended to keep the nails at least 8-10 hours per day.

fungus toenails also treated garlic butter.It should be mixed with white vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1, applied to the nails and the adjacent skin.Then each toe nail fungus with affected bandage tight elastic bandage.Apply this tool on your feet once a day.

If you do not have garlic oil, you can cook it yourself.To do this, crush or grate two garlic marigold is medium in size, and mix them with two tablespoons of olive oil.Leave the mixture in a dark, cool place.After 24 hours, filter and oil can be used.

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