How to talk to your child about sex and sexual maturation

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talk to your child about sex puberty When your child reaches the age of puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path Puberty child - stages of a complex path, you need to think about that from the general talk about sex go on to discuss more specific topics related to sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality your son or daughter.You decide whether you devote this separate conversation, or will gradually prepare the child to physical changes, pending his body during puberty, but he should be ready for them.


Girls Girls need to know about the growth of breasts and body hair, especially pubic hair and armpits, as well as the beginning of the reproductive cycle and menstruation.A major role in clarifying and familiarizing belongs to mothers, sisters, grandmothers and school doctors.Even with ten or eleven years old girl need to prepare for the changes that occur to her, in an accessible way to tell what is menstruation, about its inevitability, the girl explained that natural phenomena and to introduce the necessary rules of hygiene these days.Do not be amiss to describe the structure of the internal reproductive organs of women.The main thing that she realized that this was not some kind of pathology, and the establishment of an adult woman, preparation for a responsible and honorable mission - to become a mother.Knowledge about the physiology of menstruation can help prevent future unwanted pregnancies through ignorance or excessive curiosity.If you maintain a close relationship with his daughter and communicate on the topic of ongoing changes to it, you can help her to better adapt to the challenges of adolescence awkward age - the period of emotional turmoil Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil .


Boys Boys need to know that they are also expected to change: deepening of the voice, the growth of genitals and body hair.We need to tell them about nocturnal emissions - involuntary ejaculation during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams (so-called "wet dreams"), to explain that this is not a sign of illness or sexual deviation.Night wet-dream - normal physiological phenomenon, repeated about once or twice a week and less before the start of a regular sexual life.The onset of nocturnal pollutions in adolescents suggests they reach a certain stage of puberty.

Parents should discuss with your child his growing interest in the opposite sex.As a boy and a girl must be prepared for attention from the opposite sex.During this period, parents need to revise some of the rules of conduct established for the child, in particular concerning the relationship with the opposite sex.Of course, you should explain to your child that he still engage in sex early, but what about other forms of physical contact, such as kissing and fondling?

likely thrill parents and increased attention to the subject of sex education will cause confusion in the child, "Dad, Mom, I'm not going with anyone to have sex, okay?Which is why all the fuss? ".But your son or daughter must understand that any physical contact, even an innocent touch, makes you want more and eventually leads to intimacy.Sex - the car that rolls downhill: the further you go down, the harder it is to stop.This in itself is not bad or wrong - so the person is arranged.And since sex is your son or daughter will be able to a few years, it is important to convince them that this car it is better not to sit down.

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