How to beat the fear of school adolescents: a few tips to parents

fear of school Fear can seize everyone - not only the clerks, experiencing constant stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? at work, but also teenagers who every day face problems in school.Fear of school can cause even depression in adolescents Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood - mild or severe.Most teenage angst is connected with the school.

cause stress among schoolchildren as the school environment, and teachers and peers.Add to this tedious and boring homework and nervous atmosphere that reigns in the classroom.It is safe to assert that the school can be a source of neuroses, and various psychiatric disorders.

teenage life full of fear

fear of school isolation from the collective classmates - a serious teenage problem also causes fear.During this period, for a teenager is very important to be near a loyal friend, you can open the soul.That's when parents need to show their love and care.Notorious lonely adolescents are particularly needed parental attention and support.Nothing raises self-esteem, as understanding and love of parents.

  • It is important that parents are aware of the problem your child .We must speak frankly with a teenager and try to learn the reason for his fears.Never treat the problem your child down, considering them rubbish, even if these problems are to trouble with a certain subject.
  • always trying to encourage the child to make friends at school .Invite his school friends to visit - then if you do not will close at the right moment, the child will find support from friends.Trust your child, his judgment and opinions, his choice - especially the choice of interesting people.
  • As a rule, parents strive to fully control your child's life .If you see that the child has problems in school, try not to interfere and give him a chance to solve it yourself, otherwise you can only hurt him.If the situation becomes serious, for example, if the classmates make the life of your son or daughter unbearable, or teacher loads of children impossible task, so the time to intervene.
  • not to exacerbate the problem of their child household scandals, this will only increase his fear .Never showed his judgment or disregard for the concerns and fears of their child - he must be sure that it is always able to cry on your shoulder.Patience and understanding will definitely help you overcome fears of a child going through a difficult period of growing up.The lessons of self-control and trust that you will present to your child, he will be remembered for a lifetime and not just help out in later life.