Sexual curiosity in children: taboo subjects

sexual curiosity of children If children become interested in their body parts, it is quite normal.One day your kid will find that touching the genitals - it's nice and you will be alarmed when you see that the child touches himself in a diaper (whether it is clean or dirty).

interest and study of their body parts - is quite normal in young children.Questions about where the body parts taken from them, or their brothers and sisters, too, are natural.When it comes time to talk to children about this topic, experts recommend that adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Parents should give the child to understand that the main source of information on these matters are only they, and not the neighbor's child or other unreliable sources.Use conventional vocabulary to describe sexual organs (penis and vagina), and unadorned language that allows your child to avoid embarrassment when he heard these words somewhere in a public place.The use of such words does not in itself pose a threat to your child's innocence.Parents must instill in the child respect for his body and the functions that it performs.You should not feel shame or embarrassment while talking to your child about body parts.It also means that parents should teach children how to deal with your body.
  • child know that such things are best discussed at home with mom and dad, not the neighbor's children.If you suddenly find that your child learns his genitals with a friend, do not panic.This display is quite adequate curiosity, only to have to practice.This situation is simply to remind your child that they see the body of the child shall be entitled only to parents, doctor, or the child, but not strangers.We must warn the child that if someone tries to touch his intimate bodies, it must noisy protest to escape and tell his parents about the incident as soon as possible.Children need to be assured that you will not get angry and upset if something like that happens.
  • Provide information as required.The child is not necessarily listen to all of the sexual system at a time.The child will either be struck or he will be bored if you try to explain too much in one sitting.


If a child uses profanity, react adequately, do not worry.Unfortunately, our culture is full of indecent images, which break down the normal world, beauty and sexuality, and you can not completely isolate the child from these negative influences, as if you did not want.

As a result, the child can hear the indecent expressions in the yard, even at an early age (be careful as to what kind of language use at home - it is inno case should provoke the use of obscene words).

If unpleasant situation still occurred, parents should remain calm.It is unlikely that even a child understands what he said.Quite simply, as in the quiz asks the child the question "Do you know what that means?" Most often children are not interested in what is said, but how it is said, and in fact, the child does not even realize that the mention of sexuality Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality or used the profanity.

Parents should calmly explain to your child that the words he / she has just said, are not used in their family, and they do not need to say any house, nor in any other place.It is necessary to emphasize that these words and expressions can hurt other people and upset them, or even scare.

If a child uses indecent expressions, even after your conversation with him, you will have to take appropriate measures.If children continue to persist, and after two or three reminders, tell him that the consequences of waiting for him the next time, and be sure to make you this promise, if need be.If the child begins to use coarse and obscene language, parents should immediately take the child and reeducation hold a decisive conversation with the person who may have a negative effect on the child.