Scoliosis in children - is treatable, but can progress rapidly

Scoliosis in children Scoliosis in children is different, since the skeletal system of the child has not yet been formed, and therefore has a greater plasticity than adults.This leads to the fact that on one side of the scoliosis in children easier to treat and on the other it can progress rapidly.


Causes of scoliosis in children

lateral curvature of the spine, or scoliosis in children can develop due to various reasons.It can be congenital abnormalities of the spine, especially the development of hereditary connective tissue (dysplastic scoliosis), the effects of trauma, burns (severe scarring on the body, contributing to the displacement of the vertebrae), the impact of diseases (rickets, polio, and so on).But more often the exact cause of scoliosis in a child can not be established, and then talk about idiopathic scoliosis idiopathic scoliosis: the main thing - in time to see a specialist Idiopathic scoliosis: the main thing - in time to see a specialist .Children

symptoms of idiopathic scoliosis often appear at school age, when the child begins to spend a long time sitting at the desk, especially if the party does not meet its growth.The situation forced flexion of the spine occurs in a gradual way and fixing it in position.As a result, the spine is formed from one to three arcs, on top of which starts changing vertebrae.

have school-age children are often formed S-shaped scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved Scoliosis - when the spine is curved two vertices directed in different directions.One vertex is usually located in the thoracic spine and the other in the lumbar.

Sometimes the first manifestation of a congenital or dysplastic scoliosis dysplastic scoliosis - a developmental disorder of the connective tissue Dysplastic scoliosis - a developmental disorder of the connective tissue only appear in adolescence.Adolescent scoliosis often has a benign course, unlike the children's scoliosis identified at an early age and are prone to rapid progression.


Symptoms of scoliosis in children

first signs of scoliosis in children (scoliosis of 1 degree) are not always visible.Curvature of the spine of up to 10˚ and developing at the same asymmetry of the body most often only seen a specialist.With careful inspection, he may reveal a slight curvature of the spine, shoulder girdle slight asymmetry and shoulder blades.Slouching at this stage of the disease is usually not.

At 2 degrees of scoliosis in children (an arc of 11 to 30˚) appears stoop and clearer asymmetric changes.But the main difference is the appearance of twisting (torsion) of the individual vertebrae, located on the top of the arc.

If the child is not receiving adequate treatment, the high risk of the transition of the initial stages of the disease with functional changes in the stage, accompanied by structural changes and changes in the shape of the vertebrae of the chest and pelvis.These steps are accompanied by disturbances of the internal organs, particularly the cardiovascular system and the lungs.

Scoliosis in children able to progress rapidly, while, the younger the child, which was first identified scoliosis, the faster the disease progresses.


diagnosis of scoliosis in children

If parents notice the curvature of the spine, or asymmetry of the body of the child, they should refer to the children's orthopedist-traumatologist.After examination of the child doctor will prescribe examination.Primarily, this X-ray of the spine in two projections.The pictures will be clearly visible location, shape and size of the curvature of the spine, as well as changes in the vertebrae.

times for diagnosis appoint an additional examination (this is usually done in cases of suspected infringement of the spinal cord or spinal nerves) in the form of computer or magnetic resonance imaging.


Treatment of scoliosis in children

the child's body is very plastic, so is not yet formed skeletal system, it is possible to cure even advanced forms of scoliosis.For the treatment of scoliosis in children of 1-2 degrees are only conservative methods.Appointed a comprehensive treatment, the main component of which is physiotherapy (physical therapy) for scoliosis in children is the dosage load on the muscles that hold the spine in the correct position, it gives the best results.Exercises for scoliosis in children under 2 degrees curvature includes exercises for the correction of spinal deformity.Therapeutic exercises for scoliosis is effective only for children with long-term regular performance.

same time, designate classes of therapeutic massage (also to strengthen back muscles) and physiotherapy.Hardware treatment of scoliosis Scoliosis : treatment and prevention Scoliosis: treatment and prevention children includes magnetic therapy, electrophoresis with calcium, electrical stimulation of muscles of the back and other physical therapy procedures.Conservative treatment of scoliosis in adolescents is carried out on the same principle.

Surgical treatment of scoliosis in children apply only in the case of the rapid progression of the disease or of complications of the internal organs.


Prevention of scoliosis in children

Prevention of scoliosis in children is a healthy and active lifestyle, proper nutrition, proper arrangement of bed on a flat surface (better if it is an orthopedic mattress).Once a child starts school, you should pick him a desk and chair, corresponding to its growth (both at home and at school).During cooking lessons should take breaks with mild athletic workout (fizkultpauzy).

Galina Romanenko