Children of different sex: tips to parents for each day

parenting advice to parents of different sexes If your family has a son and a daughter, you're in luck.But at the same time, you face a difficult task - to bring them in different ways, but without discrimination and preferential treatment.Here are some tips on how to grow from a boy to a strong man, but from the girls - clever and charming woman.

How to educate girls

  • focuses on the development of mental abilities, diligence, sensitivity, self-reliance, perseverance and the ability to not give in to difficulties.Encourage your daughter's desire to look beautiful.When she puts on "adult" dress, do her compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words .Do not forget to remind that the external beauty should be a reflection of the inner core.
  • Encourage Girl ambition, competitiveness and desire to win.Put it in front of the same difficult goals, as well as to boys without making discounts on its floor.
  • Teach girl healthy competition.Do not let it win only on the grounds that she is a girl.The victory strengthens the self-confidence, but a defeat tempers the character.
  • not force the girl to fit within the framework of society.Help her to accept his otherness and individuality, send their "energy difference" in a peaceful course - even if the girl is engaged in dance, music, sports and so on.
  • Encourage participation in subsidiaries 'girly' circles, where there are no boys.
  • girl Tell me stories about successful women held.
  • If you have several daughters, do not treat them differently because of age;We need to give them the same opportunities and responsibilities and to give the same amount of time.
  • From early childhood the girl spend intimate conversations tête-à-tête that, as adults, she knew she could turn to you with any questions and concerns.Sometimes she just needs to ease the soul.

How to educate boys

  • When the boy's education is very important to set boundaries and clear rules.Boys need limitations, especially in behavior.They need a sequence of (offense (violation of the rules) - punishment) and discipline.
  • Although boys do not need to communicate or a close emotional connection with parents as much as the girls, it is important that you are not afraid of the son, and did not hesitate to talk to you on the personal issues.
  • The boy must necessarily be a positive role model for others to follow.
  • Encourage your son's interests, whether it's spaceships, football and computer games.Do not bother to learn the world around him and himself.Do not be surprised (and do not worry), if he is interested in anything "devochkovomu", for example, fashion - all children, regardless of gender, are curious by nature.
  • Help the boy to find acceptable ways to vent emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , especially negative.Boys have more energy, and this energy is required exit.
  • Teach a boy to help with the housework.This will teach him that the man and woman have equal rights and responsibilities in the family, he will respect the work of others and take care of yourself.
  • Teach your son to treat women with respect, regardless of their age.Fathers, sons have to learn this from you.
  • Encourage expression of emotions.Optionally, to force his son to watch melodrama or to talk about a girl he liked, but he should know that in the manifestation of emotions such as crying, there's nothing to be ashamed of.