Flavolignany - Ambulance for liver

flavolignany Long life without pain and ailments, without weakness and problems - the dream of all people.And medicine is doing everything possible to bring this dream to fruition.Synthesize new drugs, and sometimes open the healing properties of plants familiar to mankind since ancient times.So it was opened flavolignany - substances found in milk thistle.


What flavolignany

answer to the question, what is flavolignany find it is not so simple.This is primarily due to the fact that these substances have been discovered recently, and still can not say that they are fully understood.Accordingly, the information flavolignans quite contradictory.

Flavolignany belong to the group of flavonoids - compounds that have antioxidant properties and can neutralize free radicals.

Usually flavolignany isolated from milk thistle, in which they are contained in a significant amount.It is thanks to these substances thistle is considered a healing tool that can be used to treat many diseases.It flavolignany plants emit such as silybin, silychristin and silidian.


Milk Thistle: familiarity

Milk - a rather unattractive herb kind of bitmap.Homeland plants - the Mediterranean, but today thistle spread almost all over Europe and Asia.Prickly weed up to two meters is considered to be mainly southern plant, because not tolerate low temperatures.However, milk thistle can be found in the north - in the dumps and vacant lots, forest glades and fields, and even in gardens.

from conventional thistle thistle different whitish "marble" patterns on the leaves.An old legend relates these spots with Jesus Christ: according to legend, drawing on the leaves was formed in contact with them the milk of the Virgin Mary.For this reason the thistle is sometimes called thistles Virgin Mary.

difficult to say how it was that got the beautiful name of weeds.Perhaps the fact that the milk thistle in ancient times was considered a healing?This aggressive weed, from which many gardeners vainly looking for a way to get rid of, has unique properties.

in ancient thistle was used to treat a variety of diseases of the liver and biliary tract.This plant is mentioned in the works of Galen and Dioskrid.A thistle Avicenna considered an effective antidote against snake bites and insect.Seeds of the plant have long been used to treat diseases of the internal organs, while the leaves are used to treat ulcers, erysipelas and tumors.


Protecting and restoring

Recognizes thistle and modern official medicine: Based on the plant created a lot of drugs for the treatment of liver diseases.Researchers claim that contained in milk thistle flavolignany successfully protect liver cells from the negative effects and various toxins.

This flavolignany - is more than hepatoprotector.These substances contribute to the restoration of liver cells, including heavily damaged.

Preparations based on milk thistle used in the treatment of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.They strengthen the membranes of liver cells (hepatocytes), improves metabolic processes and contribute to the regeneration of damaged cells.

Flavolignany protect hepatocytes from the toxins in alcohol and some medications, harmful effects on the liver.They prevent the degeneration of the liver, improve the function of the body, promote normal bile formation and excretion of bile.In addition, they flavolignany have anti-inflammatory effects and can be used in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts.


not only for liver

Preparations based on milk thistle is recommended not only for those suffering from liver disease.The plant has been used successfully by cardiologists as a preventive measure, strengthens the heart and blood vessels.The toxicology of milk thistle used for chronic poisoning by alcohol, chemicals, drugs, and food poisoning.It is believed that milk thistle improves the tolerability of chemotherapy Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? , therefore extract of this plant is often recommended to cancer patients.

External thistle used in dermatology, cosmetology.Plant used in cooking: as an oil, tea, broth.Effectively this plant for weight loss.


Flavolignany and slimming

How to start the process of getting rid of the extra kilos?No, not a diet and not from physical activity, and a body cleansing Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration .Alcohol, drugs, poor quality or artificial foods are bad for the liver, and as a result the body ceases to cope with their work.As a result, disintegrating digestion, the metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , there is an unhealthy appetite and appears overweight.

Can you handle it?Yes, and it's quite easy.Sometimes enough course of treatment with hepatic to the liver was again function normally.And preparations based on milk thistle would be a perfect choice for such purification.



Flavolignany as such, are non-toxic and have no contraindications.But oil thistle Thistle oil - benefits and harms of the herbs Thistle oil - benefits and harms of the drug plant or flour from the plant, there are also other substances that can negatively affect health.

Before using the preparations of milk thistle is necessary to consult with your doctor.To refuse such drugs should be in mental and nervous disorders, heart disease, gallstones, asthma.

Maria Bykov