Congenital scoliosis - the effects on the child in the first weeks of pregnancy

congenital scoliosis Congenital scoliosis is not as common and usually the result of any impact in the first weeks of pregnancy when there is a bookmark major organs and tissues of children.The disease is not hereditary, and therefore there is no risk of its transmission to future generations.


Why and how a congenital scoliosis

In congenital scoliosis have a child born with a lateral curvature of the spine.This pathology is the consequence of violations of the formation of the individual vertebrae.Vertebrae are formed in the first weeks of pregnancy and a violation of the process is usually associated with a variety of effects on the body of a pregnant woman during this period.This may be receiving various toxic substances, drugs, exposure to ionizing radiation radiation and its biological effects: gently infected! Radiation and its biological effects: gently infected! and so on.

Under the influence of these reasons is a violation of the separation of the individual vertebrae (two or more vertebrae are fused - segmentation violation), or violation of the formation of the individual vertebrae.When the most common disease - a violation of the formation of the vertebrae in the spine vertebrae are formed of irregular shape (eg, V), which leads to the total deformation of the spine.Of great importance is the number of malformed vertebrae.If there are two or more, and they are arranged in a row, it is unfavorable symptom.If the wedge vertebrae located on opposite sides of the spine and are separated by at least one normal vertebra prognosis can be quite beneficial.

When segmentation violation in the joints fused vertebrae slowing their growth, while on the other side says more intensive growth.All this also leads to a deformation of the spine.There are also mixed forms of congenital scoliosis - they occur most heavily.

Also curvature of the spine associated with anomalies of its development, the child can develop the so-called compensatory curvature directed to the opposite side of the scoliosis.Such curvature needed to maintain the correct posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight , the vertebrae in such arcs have a normal shape.

peculiarity of congenital scoliosis is that it is often associated with congenital anomalies of other organs and systems.For example, these children are often observed such developmental defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate.


How to detect congenital scoliosis of the spine

Sometimes congenital scoliosis is detected immediately after birth, provided that there is some back strain.But more often it is diagnosed after the child begins to walk.In some cases, the signs of congenital scoliosis is detected as early as adolescence, when a violation of the body structure becomes clear.

signs of congenital scoliosis may include: uneven located girdle (one below the other), the ribs on one side of the back convex, and the other smooth, uneven waistline, located one hip higher than the other, and all the body is slightly tilted to one side.

for congenital scoliosis is also characteristic of the early appearance of spinal deformity and progression of the pathological process in the growth of the child.Typically as a significant restriction of mobility of the spine and scoliosis combination with other malformations.

If you suspect a congenital scoliosis of the spine X-ray examination is performed: taking pictures in frontal and lateral projections.To clarify the diagnosis is sometimes prescribed holding computer or magnetic resonance imaging of the spine.


Treatment of congenital scoliosis

In most cases the detection of congenital scoliosis, if the disease does not progress, the experts simply watching the child, spending the survey once a year.Children thus can lead a healthy lifestyle and do light sports.Especially recommended in such cases diving.

If congenital scoliosis progresses, symptoms of spinal curvature increase, the optimal surgical treatment is considered to be - all kinds of conservative treatment in this case ineffective.Depending on the child's form of congenital scoliosis and its progression operation is carried out between the ages of one to five years.

aim of surgery in this case is the disclosure of the growth opportunities of the spine and chest of the child.Today, we developed several methods of surgery in congenital scoliosis.This fusion (fusion of vertebral anomalies, warning their further growth and progression of curvature), the removal of the modified (wedge-shaped) vertebrae and curvature correction with metal implants, the use of special dynamic implants that "grow" with the child and so on.

Congenital scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved Scoliosis - when the spine is curved not always runs hard and requires surgical correction, but in any case the child with such a diagnosis should always be observed orthopedist.

Galina Romanenko