The whole truth about the differences between boys and girls

  • The whole truth about the differences between boys and girls
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differences between boys girls Everyone knows about the existence of stereotypes relating to the division of children's clothes.If it's a truck, it is necessary for the boy, as if a pack of a ballerina, it is obligatory for girls.It is not necessary to follow the gender stereotypes in the division of toys.Even if you offer her son the brilliant colors, and my daughter - the train, the son would still be a boy who will turn your bed into a racing car, and the daughter will eventually be obsessed with shoes.

scientists study was conducted, in which eighteen boys and girls showed a picture with a doll and machine.As a result, most of the girls chose a doll, while boys are mainly chosen car.This study shows that in eighteen months, children are influenced by gender stereotypes.Experts say that many of the differences between boys and girls are evident from birth.And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gender studies.


You boy

If you have a baby boy, probably you have already noticed that he could not live without movement - he was watching him and loves to participate in it (so you better stock up on green paint).In addition, boys are much more emotional than is commonly believed.Experts advise to pay attention to the following character traits that are characteristic of growing and developing boys:


Boys love movement

According to psychologistsCambridge University, the boys prefer to observe the movement of mechanisms (and not the movement of living beings).Researchers have proposed twelve-month boy a choice of two sessions: let the people speak or observe the movement of the wiper.It is not hard to guess that the kid chose.It turns out that boys are easier to keep track of moving objects.Recent studies show that boys outperform girls in development for almost two months, when it comes to the laws of motion of objects (for example, the boys are aware that if the ball roll under the couch, it appears from the other side in a few seconds.)


Boys move more

No wonder they say that the girls - talkers, and the boys - walkers.And that's only half the truth.The girls are really starting to talk first, but the boys begin to walk - with than boys develop motor functions all at once - about the same time as the girls.Proof of active mobility of the boys is the fact that they are more likely than girls squirm and fight.New studies show that boys are more prone to injury and need medical attention.Boys really ahead of girls in all areas of physical abilities in the preschool years.


Boys tend to be more emotional than assumed

There is evidence that boys are more hot-tempered than girls, and they are harder to pull myself together.The experts' study showed that although the six-month and the boys were seemingly calm, in spite of the negative emotions, heart rate and breathing still showed that they are actually experiencing stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .


boys like a lot of people

Boys prefer to watch groups of people rather than individuals.In fact, given the choice of newborn boys prefer to look at a moving person.


Boys fearless (relatively)

Boys express concern much less frequently than girls.According to a recent survey, parents of boys between the ages of three to twelve months, less frequently than parents of girls, reported the child startle in response to loud noises and sudden movements.Another study found that when mothers, approaching its twelve-month child, did a terrible face, the boys were ignored moms and play.Girls also slowed the pace and expressed concern.

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