Treatment of basal cell carcinoma folk remedies - which affects the growth of education

treatment of basal cell carcinoma folk remedies appearance of tumors on the skin is an indication for the differential diagnosis with cancer.Some forms of basal cell carcinoma is the border between benign and malignant processes, but in most cases it is considered one of the most common forms of skin cancer Skin Cancer - a full recovery is possible Skin cancer - a full recovery possible .Treatment of basal cell carcinoma folk remedies carried out in combination with other methods of treatment (surgery, drug therapy).


What affects the development of tumors

Development of local lesions on the skin begins with the hair follicle.In the future, the process extends to the skin's layers.The most common form of the disease surface, which are suitable for, as the process did not metastasize.Malignant nature of the disease observed in the deeper layers of the skin lesion.

main factor that increases the risk of basal cell carcinoma is the solar radiation, ie UV radiation.

greatest number of clinical cases observed in the elderly.It is a disease in the elderly differs malignant course, the development of dangerous lesions.The risk of developing basal cell carcinoma prone to people with white skin, as well as those who have dry skin and hyperpigmentation there.Do not get involved in long-term exposure to the sun, because this may be the provoking factor for the development of the pathological process in the epidermis.

neoplasm does not reach large sizes, but describes the clinical cases when the size of basal cell carcinoma can be up to ten centimeters or more.When the superficial form of the disease occurs at the same time the defeat of several areas of the skin.Local skin lesions characteristic of the skin are common symptoms of nodular disease.


possibilities of treatment of basal cell carcinoma

subject to compulsory treatment of basal cell carcinoma, and the choice of treatment strategy depends on the clinical form of the disease.Relapse is characterized by aggressive tumors, so it is important to conduct an adequate therapy for newly diagnosed stage of the disease.Patients who have had basal are at risk for the development of malignant diseases, particularly, melanoma.Therapy carried out in full effect on the prognosis of life.

Traditional medicine offers a variety of recipes, so discuss the method of treatment to be a doctor who is familiar with the patient's medical history.

effectiveness of treatment popular methods is high, but the result will be visible immediately.Long-term outcome of treatment is one of the deficiencies that can cause failure, and a selection of traditional therapeutic methods.

for surface treatment of wound recommended the juice of celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries , which is known for its healing properties.Treatments can be combined with the use of a decoction of the herb that will positively influence the effectiveness of the treatment.To prepare the broth should be finely chopped leaves of the plant and pour boiling water over them (to take one teaspoon per one cup of boiling water).Drink the broth should be three times a day for one third of a glass at the reception.Prepare the broth can not be stored for a long time, as during storage lost medicinal properties of plants.

the treatment of basal cell carcinoma successfully used the juice of burdock.The juice should be fresh, it is applied several times a day on the wound.Juice Burdock promotes good healing of the wound surface.Some experts recommend drinking the juice of burdock in a small amount.As a therapeutic and preventive agent for basal cell carcinoma can use carrots.Grate carrots and applied mass as a compress.It is important to change the compresses up to four times a day.


On the application of medicinal plants in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma

main uses of medicinal plants in the basal cell carcinoma is to prepare the broth for lotions.As raw material can be recommended calendula.Calendula officinalis has ranozazhivlyuyaschimi, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties.Enhance the therapeutic effect in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma helps locally simultaneous use of infusion or decoction of calendula.

skin ulcers with the appearance of tumors amenable to regress when using infusion made from marsh duckweed.This plant is unique in its kind, has anti-tumor properties (or protivokantserogennymi).The patient should do daily lotion for fifteen minutes.A course of treatment should be one month, followed by a break and repeat the course.The duration of the break should be about two weeks.

use of medicinal plants is justified, as one of the effective methods of treatment.

important advantage is the security and the absence of negative effects on the body as a whole, what distinguishes the system from the effects of medications, chemotherapy Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? Chemotherapy - it always falls the hair? .

herbal remedies can be used for the prevention of the disease, which will be simultaneously preventing the development of malignant processes.

During the course of treatment of basal cell carcinoma should be paid attention to diet, as a balanced, healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating will contribute to the manifestation of the therapeutic effect.Some local procedures can not fully exert a therapeutic effect, if the body is broken the balance of important minerals and vitamins, or suffer the immune system.Tonic, immunostimulatory therapy based on the recipes of traditional medicine is an integral part of a comprehensive treatment of basal cell carcinoma.Be an individual complex of medical actions with the appearance of tumors should phytotherapeutist.

Marina Solovyov