The crisis of seven years: help social adaptation of the child

The crisis of seven years The crisis seven years, few people know at all aware of the fact that at this age children go to school.During the process of preparing for school - a visit to training courses, the purchase of textbooks and clothes, get medical help, many people forget that the most important thing - to prepare a child for school psychologically, because it is entering school - a real stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? for him, accompanied by a change in self-esteem.Of course, advantageous if the self-esteem increases, but if self-esteem is lowered, the crisis seven years unfolds in all its glory.

Psychophysiological features of the crisis seven years

entering school the child is significantly expanding circle of friends, both by adults and by children.If your child attended kindergarten, it can smooth out the crisis, but not completely, as in the garden is usually a small group of children and teachers clearly regulate the communication of children.At school, the situation is different: the number of children in a class higher than in the group of kindergarten, moreover, have to communicate with children of the parallel classes and other students.Along with the expansion of the circle of friends of the child there are new responsibilities, increases the responsibility - and it all happens practically in one day.The psyche of the child can not cope immediately with a sharp change of lifestyle and developing a crisis that could get worse if the child immediately to bring higher demands and blame for failures.A more severe form of the crisis develops when the child begins to advance impressionable experience that will be the school, summing up all the negative experience of the older children, with whom he communicates.

How does the crisis seven years

Suspected crisis coming seven years can be when a preschooler starts to ask a lot of questions about the school.If the responses of parents are uninformative and do not meet it - is formed a negative attitude toward school, which have been reluctant to go to school even line the first of September.The developed negativism entails cautious attitude to everything going on at school: the child shows no activity in the classroom, does not respond, even if the subject knows, uncomfortable with classmates and virtually nothing tells her parents about school.If at this time does not take action, the crisis begins to worsen, taking psychosomatic color: the child begins to get sick often complain of headaches, fatigue, fatigue, poor eyesight or hearing.This is not a fictional disease.The pediatrician can detect the child tachy or bradycardia, increase or decrease in blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? , which are usually regarded as a manifestation of vascular dystonia vascular dystonia - a violation of the autonomic functions of the body Vascular dystonia - a violation of the autonomic functions of the organism .Children under the age of seven is rarely expressed strong protests against the school, often they experience internally, and the flowering of the crisis suggests psihosomatichskie disorder.

What to do when the crisis seven years of a child

This crisis is going through every child, adult task is to maximize the mitigation of its manifestations, and good social adaptation to school.

quite rightly received those parents who drive their children to attend training courses to the first class in the same school in which the child will learn.Better if it will not be short-term summer courses, and long-term, for six months with once every week - so the child has time to get used to the school, to the teacher and classmates.Every visit to the school should be a pleasant event, followed by a discussion of the details - so the child gets used to share their feelings with their parents, which is very important for the further training already as a student of the first class.

not leave any question unanswered question posed by the child's school - he tries on the role of the student, and it is important for every detail, so you feel confident.

We need to set realistic goals, and the child did not require that he can not do, but be sure to praise his first-graders for the slightest real achievements, developing a positive attitude to school process.

If parents notice anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? child, you should refer to the school counselor as soon as possible, this will allow for timely diagnosis and to prevent the development of psychosomatic reactions.

Svetlana Shimkovich