The crisis of adolescence: do not interfere with the child you hate

The crisis of adolescence teenage crisis, perhaps even more than the famous crisis of three years old, which is quite logical reasoning: a child of three years going through a crisis in the family, and the teenager has been extensive contacts and less controlled by parents.The mortality rate among adolescents is very high, because they explore not only the world, but also the limits of their capabilities, often overestimating their strength.

Psycho-physiological background of adolescent crisis

Teens do not believe anything on the floor, preferring, as well as three-year, check all its actions.But if children are three years old all the time are in the eyes of the parents, who can assess the risk of an action that is going to execute a child, teens prefer to communicate with their peers and parents are sometimes not even aware of what he is engaged in the day, socan not adjust its behavior in time and prevent the tragedy.

Often children this age are killed on construction sites, drowning, fall under the machine.They ride on the roofs of trains, clinging to buses, trying to make a flight, getting into the technical compartment of the aircraft, swim "to the dispute" wide ponds and jump from building rafters.Teens try to construct explosive devices, to collect a homemade rocket, explore the limits of their own capabilities.Adolescence - the age of the first deep love: passionate, direct and brutal, that does not forgive grievances and misunderstandings that cause children's suicides.At this age, every child defines his place in life, his social position, which then does not change throughout life.

manifestations of adolescent crisis

Unlike other age crises, the crisis of adolescence develops gradually, manifesting growing disobedience and insolence.Therefore, parents are almost always difficult to say when exactly their docile and just "golden" child turned into a hairy and snarls.The child, as well as three years, is beginning to show its independence and self-sufficiency, but it manifests itself quite differently: he does not obey the rules of conduct of any family or school - can not sleep at home, coming home closed in his room, skip class,join the youth group or sect.Teenagers are very vulnerable and internally very experienced what happens to them.If the child is insolent and snaps - it still comes in contact with adults and it is not so bad.But if a child is locked in a separate room and prefers to remain silent - it's more difficult situation.In any case, the crisis of adolescence is due to the very nature of man, to overcome its results are very important for identity formation, so parents need to be prepared for it.

How to help the adolescent to overcome the crisis

Often, a child and did not understand what was happening to him, so a crisis is a bigsurprise for him.Parents are more experienced people should prepare for this crisis and do everything possible to become a successful start for the life of his child.Preparing for a crisis starts with the birth of the child.Parents should seek to ensure full understanding with them at all stages of its development, to be friends, people who understand everything, forgive, and always - love.You need to be aware of all the events taking place with the child and around, to know his friends, inviting them to visit, organize joint activities, which, indeed, would cause interest among teenagers.Very well, if at this age the child will be an idol, with correctly oriented behavior, as it is it will be a child, building his life, and parents may be the idol of a neighbor's child, but not his.The role of the idols can perform older brothers and sisters, but more often they are people who often show on TV.

If a teenager began to show uncharacteristic behavior for him - not in a hurry to climb him with questions, as this will only aggravate the situation.Please visit the school, talk to his friends - find out the cause and proceed carefully.

Most importantly - always love your child and understand it, then the energy of adolescence will be aimed at the track, which will bring the child to the position of leader, and about the crisis, no one remembers.

Svetlana Shimkovich