Games for students: to think and move

school games achievement of school age does not mean that the child is no longer a child.One of the best ways of spending leisure time and knowledge of the world for him is also a game.Games for schoolchildren are more complex concept and structure than those that are addressed to younger children.If preschoolers in the game often requires an adult companion, the students successfully do it in the company of peers or yourself - for example, playing computer games.

All popular games for school children can be divided into two main types: mobile and intellectual or developmental.As a kind of intelligent computer games favor, but only provided that they contain any valuable information for the child, and not based on the principle of primitive "shooter" and "brodilok".

Educational and intellectual game for schoolchildren

benefits of such games often invaluable.They can also be used as a kind of family entertainment and as an auxiliary component in various classes conducted by school teachers.Even in the early grades children are happy to take up solving puzzles and charades.It is important to choose the job for them so that they do not have too complicated, otherwise the child may lose all interest in the game.

Attention students of middle age are often attracted to games like anagrams - this principle even formed the basis for the popular program "Big Letters" on one of Russian TV channels in any word, preferably long, entangled letters, and players will guess what kind of wordencrypted.Another option is to have the children make from the letters present a long word, as many other short words.

entertainment are games in which you need to tie my eyes with a handkerchief and portray on paper any objects or, for example, dorisovyvat picture.But they do not develop as much thinking as fine motor skills and imagination to some extent.

Training and developing computer games help students in an interesting and entertaining way to learn useful information and learn new useful skills.They have nothing to do with entertaining computer games, the whole purpose of which is to ensure that repeatedly hit the same target or reach a certain level.

Outdoor games for schoolchildren

Popular mobile games should not be confused with sports - such as basketball, volleyball, football or badminton, in which students are also quite often play on their own initiative.Outdoor games, too, are based on specific rules, but their basis is always a certain intrigue, fascinating element: for example, in the game "Sulky" participants must catch up with each other and "osalivat," that is to touch his hand, and then the one who is concerned, andIt becomes "Sulky".There are many varieties of this game - played by students in the circular tag, the cross or chain, then this game is called "catch-up", "hide and seek," "patches," "Lyapkov", "tag", and so on.

girls of school age, but sometimes boys, in the warmer months, willingly played in the "classes" or "classics": on the asphalt chalk draw a ten squares, and then jump over them, trying not to step on the line and at the same time moving the jumping legs bat.

than one generation of students, starting probably about the middle of the twentieth century, has grown on the game "Sea Wave".Its essence lies in the fact that the team leading players fade in an arbitrary position.While leading examines the resulting figures, the players do not have to move.One of them, who will not for a couple of minutes to stand or sit still, out of the game, and the winner is the player whose "time" was the most impressive record.

Svetlana Usankova