5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter

  • 5 amazingly simple ways to make children smarter
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Five surprisingly simple ways to make children smarter Experts in the field of education has long been arguing about why schooling is often not justified assignedup to expectations.Someone thinks that the case of insufficient funding and non-professional personnel.Someone - the children too keen Twitter, where you can discuss the work and personal lives of stars, that they had the time, energy and desire for math, biology, literature, and other important things.But there is something that you yourself can do for a successful development of their children.It's simple, inexpensive and witty.

Send him to school later (just one hour)

It knows all the children and all the parents ignore it since time began.

morning, look around at the office.It is very likely that you will see one of your colleagues, yawning and rubbing his eyes, the other looking at the monitor look frozen zombies, the third is not more active and alert than sloth, went about their daily business.How do we know?The fact that two-thirds of adults now suffer from lack of sleep regularly.Moreover, they generously share this habit with their children.

Lack of sleep in children, especially teenagers, can lead to poor school performance.In schools where classes have decided to start later than usual, performance has improved significantly.For example, in an English school after the introduction of these innovations was 27% less absenteeism, and the report of the school, which is located in Toronto, said that the number of unsatisfactory ratings for examinations and examinations in mathematics in the graduating class decreased from 45% to17%.Children who go to school later, feel less depressed, and their parents report that children are becoming easier to find a common language.

Why does it work?

hormonal changes influence the biological clock, which is why many teens, as opposed to small children, go to bed late.And then we force them to wake up early, so that they are in the school at 7:30 or 8 am.The result is obvious: Teens average 6.9 hours of sleep they need, instead of nine.The difference of two hours may not seem very significant, but it becomes noticeable in the classroom.About 20% of students regularly fall asleep in class.

and fall asleep in class - is not the worst.Do you remember that chronic lack of sleep can cause a whole bunch of diseases in adults?Now apply all of these symptoms in adolescents who already is hormonal changes in the body, and all awry.That is why schools that have decided to start the school day later and found that they became rapidly improve performance.Who would have thought that it needs only a little bit lazy allow teenagers.

Let the sunshine

It's time to learn from the hippies.Do not worry, we will not go on the manufacture of illegal substances such as illegal plants or that to improve IQ well be another year or two to travel to South America on foot.

Hippie love something, you need each and every one - the sunlight.In one of his most famous songs are called "to put it inside."Can you think of their mental faculties anything but formal scientific studies have shown that children who are engaged in the classrooms with large windows, a 25% better at tests, 23% faster reading and 15% successfully engaged in mathematics.In other words, for some students the difference between failure and success can only be determined by curtained windows or not.

Why does it work?

Sunlight is needed not only for photosynthesis was possible for us to be warm, and to all the Earth could be habitable.It also improves mood, helps to better see and suppresses melatonin, a hormone that has a strong impact on our sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .In other words, children who are studying in the sunlight, feel happy, they are less sleepy, more attentive and active.

used to be that you need to build a school with small windows to students less distracted during lessons.Although, as we know, cars and trees around the schools have never started to sing the chorus and dancing the cancan, thereby preventing kids learn algebra.Now it began to realize in the new school buildings make great big windows.So before you decide which school to give the child to find out the size of the windows in the classrooms.

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