Changes that occur with the body of a teenage girl

  • changes that occur with the body of a teenager
  • Excess hair and acne

Changes that occur with the body of a teenage girl It is no longer a child.Maybe it is still not quite an adult woman, but as a teenager's body begins to change, the girl in the end, it could become.On the one hand, grow up nice, on the other - these changes can cause a lot of stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .For example, a girl may be concerned about the fact that she does not grow breasts - while others have long since grown up.Or month began much earlier than her friends ... and where to hide gasket?

During all these changes need to remember three important things:

  • It happens to everyone.Not everyone is talking about it, but even the most popular girl in school regularly thinks about which pocket is best to wear a tampon How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions , and whether it is reliable antiperspirant.
  • This is normal.
  • everyone can survive it - with a little assistance.

There are several things that happen during puberty, every girl and every girl that has a lot of questions.


This is a great day that thinks every girl.When they begin?I will be the first of his girlfriends?Or the last?What if it happens in the classroom, and others will see the blood?

Doctors know that the first monthly disturb the majority of young girls.They say there are some signs that are a signal that the first period is about to begin.

To determine the approximate time of the beginning of the month, physicians use the Tanner scale.They look at how much there was pubic hair, as developed chest and cross-checked with the scale.If pubic hair a little or have only a small down and flat chest, most likely before the start of the monthly pass is still some time.

In this case, had to be finished:

  • need to carry pads.
  • If in the morning there were brown, pink or even unusual discharge, should immediately use a gasket feminine pads - talk about wings Feminine pads - talk about wings , at least daily.And it is desirable to wear dark pants or skirt.If
  • month began, and at hand was not laying, do not panic - in any case, excessive bleeding is unlikely.You can use a piece of cloth or paper towel, and at the first opportunity to apply to the school nurse.If you start
  • pain in the lower abdomen during the lesson, the teacher is to say that a headache Why do I so often have a headache?- Look for the cause in itself Why do I so often have a headache? and go to the nurse.Of course, the nurse should tell it like it is, but do not do it when the whole class.


During puberty even the most wicked women receive a certain amount of body fat.Just figure was flat and level, and now she appears bends and bulges - the hip, chest and so on.Some of the girls briefly upset because of this, but the disorder is even more if it's not happening, and the remaining figures of the same age are becoming more feminine.

Despite all the good advice you can not make the chest rise faster, as it is impossible to slow down the development of the body.

Remember!If your body changes early - what, for you will soon catch up with your girlfriend, and you quickly realize that there is not anything, because of what the cost would be to raise so much noise.If the development will be slow, just look around - you're unlikely to see many women who have not gone through puberty.We all have our development schedule.Everything happens when happens.When it should happen.

Body odor

Without a doubt, she was sweating before, but is a sweat always been so smelly?Pot teenager is different from the child's sweat.Teenager and sweat more, and thus smells differently because of the hormonal changes underarm sweat glands become much more active.Pot, which they separated, mixed with bacteria, and together they produce a smell that has very little to do with the sweet scent of perfume.

  • necessary to take a daily shower or bath, wash with mild soap and warm water.Every day you need to put on clean clothes.
  • necessary to use a deodorant or antiperspirant.What is the difference?Deodorant interrupts an unpleasant smell, and antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands.There are many special deodorant for women, but some girls need stronger tools - such as antperspiranty for men.
  • It makes sense to wear clothes and underwear that are 100% cotton.With this fabric skin breathes better, and she does not get wet clothes.
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