Teenage suicide - can it be prevented?

Teenage suicide Adolescence - dangerous.Under the influence of hormones and excitable teenager becomes hypersensitive.Sometimes it is a little conflict in the family or at school for a child entered a state of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .Often such states end suicide attempts.

Who are the most vulnerable to teenage suicide

Suicide (suicide) - this is an intentional deprivation of life itself.Some teens are at risk of suicide in the case of falling into a difficult situation.First of all, teenagers are prone to depression (low mood), abusing alcohol, drugs and toxic substances, had seen the suicide or death of someone from relatives, perform poorly in school, girls, after rape or during pregnancy, as well as talented,ordinary teenagers that do not fit into society.

Included in this group of adolescents at any time may be in a situation that will give a boost to suicide.They are characterized by increased vulnerability and feeling like an outcast in society - this is what drives them to suicide.

Suicide occurs in three forms:

  • true - when you have a really solid teen suicide intent, as a rule, attempts to work out, but if it interferes with someone, then repeated;This form is typical for boys;
  • affective or sensitive - attempted suicide under the influence of momentary strong feelings;if the suicide attempt fails, then most likely it will not be repeated;typical for the girls;
  • demonstrative - suicide as a way to attract attention;Such attempts can be repeated, but rarely (if only occasionally) is not a true end suicide;More typical for the girls, but also found among boys.

reasons for suicide among adolescents

Often the true cause of suicide among adolescents is a sense of isolation from society, feeling not soall that leads to loneliness and the feeling that no one understands.This can cause a persistent depression (depressed mood) and the desire to leave this life.These teens may include adolescents with family history (children of the mentally ill, alcoholics, drug addicts), has received a heavy trauma, having a non-standard sexual orientation and therefore feel themselves flawed.

affective form of suicide often occurs under the influence of conflicts in the family, the school, a group of teenagers of the conflict on the basis of love, amid strong influence of art (for example, under the influence of a movie or book).

demonstrative form of suicide is characteristic of adolescents with hysterical personality traits that are in any way want to attract attention.

Predsuitsidalnoe behavior

true suicide often matures in adolescent and does not itself issue, however, if you look closely, you can see what is not quite familiar traits in his behavior.Sometimes they are almost invisible, if a teenager by nature inclined to solitude, nevertheless, his subconscious is almost always a signal of impending suicide Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented? Suicide in terms of the psychiatrist - can it be prevented? .They may issue a further deepening of consciousness, sometimes - accidentally dropped word about suicide.Says the true intentions of the reluctance to discuss the issue with others.However, even a teenager with the true intentions of suicide always subconsciously hoping that something suddenly change for the better, and he will not have to do that.

Adolescents with affective and demonstration forms of suicide, as a rule, do not hide their intentions.Adolescents with affective behavior subconsciously want to be stopped, and hysterical personality make statements about suicide deliberately to impress others.

Under the influence of the internal readiness for suicide may vary appetite: those teenagers who he was good, do not eat anything, and adolescents with poor appetite suddenly begin to eat everything.The same thing happens with sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams : active adolescent begins to sleep for days and languid lose sleep.

School performance drops, the appearance of a teenager with the true intentions of suicide shows complete indifference to her, completely lost interest in the environment.Teens try to get my affairs in order, often barely familiar to people handing out expensive items.Sometimes they are very bitter and can respond to any aggression the most innocent remark.

How to prevent teenage suicide

To do this you need to know the true feelings of a teenager, you have to delve into his life.Parents, noting that with the teenager going on that something was wrong, should call him on the frankness and the possibility of support, even if it is in the family something wrong or committed a crime.

Parents should help young people in overcoming life's obstacles.The teenager needs to know that it accepted and loved for who he is, and no matter what happens in his life, he has to tell someone about it.The same goes for true friends: if a teenager talks about suicide, they should give him moral support, as in the case of well-sounding threats of suicide notify relatives of his friend.

Galina Romanenko