Sudamen a child - be attentive to hygiene kid

sudamen a child rash on the body of the baby is always a concern for his parents.One can not imagine a loving mother who remain indifferent to the appearance of pink spots on the skin remains.Of course, not always such a rash - a sign of a serious disease, it is often just a heat rash in children.However, this seemingly harmless disease to be treated, to irritated skin is not inflamed.


Miliaria - what is it?

sudamen (or more affectionately - potnichkoy) called skin irritation that occurs as a result of sweating and at the same time, slow evaporation of sweat.Thus, the skin for a long time still wet, leading to irritation of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Miliaria can occur at any age, but most often this disease occurs in very young children - infants first year of life.The skin of babies is very delicate, it is easily irritated.But the mechanism of thermoregulation in crumbs still underdeveloped, so the children are very easily overheated.His contribution to the development of prickly heat are making as adults, who sometimes are so afraid of catching cold kid that too much of its Kuta.

interesting that, according to pediatricians, overheating may even be dangerous for young children than hypothermia.But a child who can not speak is not possible to explain to parents that it is too hot, and caring adults is not always correctly assess the situation.

If prickly heat rash on the skin bright pink color, reminiscent of fine bubbles.Such bubbles can be spaced apart or be grouped together.Sometimes there are also swollen nodules or reddish sore bubbles with muddy contents.

favored localization rash in children - on the back, buttocks and skin folds, such as mezhyagodichnoy, or in the armpits.However, a rash may appear on any of the closed areas of the skin.For example, sudamen sometimes located in the head area by a cap.

If prickly heat is not being treated, and the skin continues to overheat, it is possible inflammation elements of an eruption.Some vesicles and nodules merge in a bright pink sore oozing lesions, located in the folds of the skin.In frail children may be complicated by sudamen pustular skin diseases pustular skin diseases - it is difficult to get rid of hard to live Pustular skin diseases - it is difficult to get rid of hard to live .


Three types of prickly heat

Experts distinguish between three variants of prickly heat Miliaria - a protective reaction of the organism Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism : red, papular and crystalline.For the red varieties are characterized by a rash of small red nodules and vesicles with serous content opaque.Each element is surrounded by a red rash, sore whisk.Typically, the individual nodules and vesicles do not fuse together.For the characteristic strong red prickly heat itching, worse at higher temperatures.This kind of disease can occur in both adults and children.

Crystal sudamen usually occurs in newborns.The rash is localized mostly in the upper body, the neck and the face.Eruptions are pearly white bubbles 1-2 mm in diameter.These bubbles burst during several days (and sometimes several hours), leaving a peeling.

Papular sudamen looks like a flesh-colored lesions with a diameter of 3 mm.Such lesions may occur on the trunk and extremities.Papular sudamen is most common in hot and humid climates.

Diagnostics prickly heat is usually not difficult for experts: an experienced doctor at a glance to distinguish the characteristic rash of this disease from other types of skin rashes.But the child to the doctor still need: do not self-medicate.


prickly heat treatment

Except especially for the treatment of advanced cases of prickly heat is not required no expensive drugs or complicated procedures.In most cases, it is simply to reduce the factors that lead to overheat.This means that you must stop coddle the baby for fear of it cold.

very useful for prickly heat air baths.It is desirable as often as possible to ensure access of air to the skin of the baby.It is better to give up the clothes of synthetic fabric and disposable diapers used only in cases where without them can not be, for example, while sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .All the rest of the time is better to use absorbent bed sheet that does not impede airflow to the irritated skin.

is important and hygiene.Toddler necessary to bathe every day to an infected skin does not become infected.Water should not be hot - it is best if it is the same temperature as the body of a child, or slightly cooler.In the water for bathing children with sudamen is recommended to add a string or an infusion of oak bark is effective as very weak (pale pink) solution of potassium permanganate.

After water procedures dried skin gently, without rubbing.Areas with a rash should be treated ten percent solution of calendula tincture Calendula tincture: for health and beauty Calendula tincture: for health and beauty or a one percent solution of salicylic alcohol.The doctor also may prescribe special solutions for handling damaged skin and ointments for her speedy recovery.


Preventive measures

Prevention prickly heat boils down to careful hygiene and eliminate overheating.According to pediatricians, children do not get sick from too light clothing and immobility of the street.Thus, parents who are too warm baby clothes, have a disservice: a large amount of clothing does not give the child to be active, difficult movement.The result is predictable - crumbs threatening cold and prickly heat.

Overheating should be avoided and at home.In addition, it is necessary to monitor the purity of the skin of the child: regular baths are required.Do not skimp on disposable diapers: they must be changed often enough, not allowing them to get wet.

Maria Bykov