Baby theft: causes of antisocial behavior

child stealing Any change in the child's behavior for the worse - is alarming signs that should not be missed.Baby theft can be a problem any prosperous family.And when faced with it, you should look for the reasons, first of all, not in the child and in his relationship with his parents and relatives.In most cases, the theft - a sign that the baby just needs attention.

All possible causes of child stealing is not listed, but psychologists are three main ones: the psychological disadvantage, undeveloped child's representation of morality and a strong desire to have a certain thing.

Theft as a reaction to the trauma

systematic theft, which the child makes in his family - is a serious cause for alarm and turn to a psychologist.Most often, such a theft does not aim to gain or revenge.As a rule, children are not aware of why they do it.The reason for this behavior lies in the emotional coldness and even hostility between the parents, insufficient attention to the child - such a strange way the children indicate that they need support, care and attention to all family members.However, starting to steal the baby even more repelled by his parents, which ultimately leads to irreversible consequences, a vicious circle.

Tensions in the family, the coldness of parents towards the child and can lead to the fact that as a consolation, he will look for a suitable company outside the home.Sometimes children do not find anything better than to buy the friendship of their peers and to win their position by any means, and theft - one of them.

Theft as a gap in the moral education of

moral formation of the child is influenced by his entourage.All the moral principles and rules, including the notion of his own and other people's property, are laid in early childhood.And if the parents are not in a timely manner to explain the difference between their own and other thing, it is unlikely that a child would guess about yourself.

usually to four years the child has clearly shaped the concept of "their" and "foreign" things.However, it happens that even six-year children can just pick up and usurp the desired object, not realizing that make something invalid.And in this case, the responsibility lies entirely with the parents, who could not in time to explain to a child the elementary: what a stranger thing is that in any case it is impossible to take without asking what the consequences might be for such a misdemeanor.

If you can not, but really want

There is a popular saying: "If you can not, but really want, you can."A child even realizing he was doing bad, sometimes can not resist the theft.This usually occurs when parents are for some reason limited in the child's pocket money, sweets and toys.As a result, it may simply not be able to resist the strong desire to have some kind of thing, which had long dreamed of.

most common instances of such thefts are not repeated, because the child already formed identity and moral concepts.He understands that you can not take someone else's, ashamed of his act in the future does not commit theft.

prevention of child antisocial behavior

main condition for psychological well-being of the child is friendly involvement and support of parents in all that concerns him.Careful attention to the child allows time to detect possible deviations in behavior.And as the main prevention of many problems, including child stealing, serves frank conversation based on mutual trust between parent and child.In addition, the calm discussion of the problem could be a serious weapon in the elimination of its consequences.