Treating hygroma folk remedies - with great caution

treatment hygroma folk remedies Hygroma - is, in most cases, completely benign disease, but it can often cause patients considerable discomfort.Official medicine used to treat these tumors procedures such as puncture hygroma or surgical removal, and argues that using medication to get rid of it is not.However, in traditional medicine has a lot of money for the treatment of hygroma Treating hygroma - possible methods Treating hygroma - possible methods , which people often used today - with more or less success.Their effectiveness has not been proven, and when the signs hygroma is strongly recommended to see a doctor.If he decides that to remove it until you need to, you can try treatment hygroma folk remedies.

However, some of these funds is still better to be neglected - for their own good.For example, once a common way to get rid of hygromas by applying them hard blows today considered unsafe relic of the past.

People beat on tumors flat heavy objects, most of all - books (because of this, in some languages ​​hygroma Hygroma: when the fluid in the wrong place Hygroma when liquid in unnecessary places cyst is called the Bible - in the old days the Bible was often very thick and oftenand only book in the building), and then, ideally, the shell hygroma burst and its contents when spread over the surrounding tissue.From the bulge under the skin does not remain a trace.

practice, however, such treatment can lead to various complications - from recurrence to damage to adjacent tissue hygroma.

There safer means of hygroma, but they should be used with caution, watching the reactions of the organism, and if necessary seeking the advicea specialist.


Folk remedies hygroma

First of all, keep in mind a few nuances hygromas treatment related to their location.Pretty complicated can be treated hygroma foot folk remedies.Firstly, many treatments require different compresses which need to keep several hours.This is not easy to wear shoes and walk, besides, itself hygroma on the foot often interferes with normal movement.Secondly, national treatment is not soon yield results, and swelling on foot, albeit benign, can significantly reduce quality of life.Therefore, traditional medicine should be used only for the treatment of very young hygromas on his feet.Hygroma medium and large sizes, which cause discomfort when driving, it is better to remove.

should also be noted that the treatment of hygroma brush folk remedies presents certain difficulties for people who are engaged in power sports, especially - powerlifting.Many experts believe that injuries, including those that at first glance appear to be harmless, contribute to the formation and further growth hygromas.When doing sports such more or less the likelihood of serious damage to joints or tendons quite large, and during treatment hygromas strongly recommended to use elastic bandages for hands and / or feet.

Treating hygroma wrist folk remedies will be most effective for those whose work is not associated with repetitive hand movements (for example, some factory workers, massage therapists, and so on).


most popular folk medicine for hygroma

Medications can be used to treat any hygromas, no matter where they are located.

  • compress rubbing alcohol.Moisten a piece of gauze, folded several times, or a clean cotton cloth, rubbing alcohol (if it is not at hand, you can use vodka), and attach to the hygroma.Top attach a piece of polyethylene wrap and secure with a bandage.Leave it for a few hours or overnight.Folk healers recommend to repeat the procedure on a regular basis as long as the hygroma will not disappear, but when it happens, it is very difficult to say.
  • Celandine is used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of disorders, including hygroma.Squeeze fresh stems celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries about one tablespoon of juice.Within five to ten minutes to steam area of ​​the body, which appeared hygroma, and then lubricate the juice of celandine.Top apply gauze and then polyethylene, and tie it with a bandage.This wrap is recommended to keep the whole night, for weeks on end.
  • compress cabbage leaf.Cabbage leaves gently knead, smeared with honey, is applied to the hygroma, and fix the elastic bandage.Keep need to compress a long time - a total of not less than eight hours a day, replacing the cabbage leaves once in two hours.
  • Medicine of ficus.From such a popular houseplant as ficus, can cook fairly effective means of hygroma.A few leaves of ficus need to cut into small pieces, and pour kerosene so that it completely covers the leaves.Place the container in the tincture in a dark, cool place, and hold it 7-10 days.Strain the finished tincture, soak it in a cheesecloth or cotton cloth and apply to the skin over the hygroma.Secure the wrap with a bandage and leave for a few hours.To cure gave a significant result, it must have been used for at least four weeks.
  • Wormwood is considered one of the most effective natural medicines hygroma.A few stems of fresh tarragon must be very finely chopped or, better, to grind in a blender.Get gruel hygroma lubricate the surface, and the top tie up bandage.Leave the compress on for several hours.Use this medication during at least three weeks.
  • Red clay.Mix three tablespoons of red clay and a half tablespoons of warm salt water.If necessary, add a little more water, but in the end you should have a very dense, homogeneous mass.Spread it on hygroma, place a piece of plastic on top and secure it with a bandage.This compress can be kept up to twelve hours.Do it for a week or two, and the result will not be long in coming.