Rashes in infants - what it can threaten a child?

Rashes in infants Rare mother calmly respond to the emergence of obscure red spots on the face of her baby.Rashes in infants can be a formidable symptom of an infectious disease or a temporary phenomenon, which will take place without medical intervention.But in any case it is necessary to show the crumbs doctor to know what to do next.



rash in infants can occur for various reasons.The most common types of rash are:

  • Physiological rash.It arises by itself, without any external cause.It also runs its own, without medical intervention and treatment;
  • rash - a symptom of the disease.Eruptions on the skin can occur when a number of infectious diseases typical of childhood.You should contact your doctor as soon as possible to begin treatment immediately;
  • rash as a result of improper care of the baby's skin.The skin of young children is very thin and delicate, it is easy to occur irritation;
  • allergic rash.May occur after administration of the new products in the diet, drug use, and in case the contact with potential allergens.


Hormone rash newborn

Approximately 20-30% of infants in the first month of life meets the so-called neonatal acne or hormonal physiological rash.Eruptions are small pimples, which are usually located in the cheeks, scalp, the neck.The reason for these lesions (known as "neonatal acne") in the baby ingested hormones mother.

As a rule, does not cause acne newborn baby worry.Pimples are not inflamed and sore, and the relief of the skin characterized by sometimes just to touch.The treatment they also do not require - the physiological neonatal rash goes away on its own two or three months of life.


Children roseola

Children roseola (the other name of the disease - a three-day fever, sudden rash) - an infectious disease that affects childrenunder the age of two years.Its causative agent is the herpes virus.Disease begins with a significant increase in body temperature, which lasts exactly three days.

Once the temperature drops, the body of a baby covered with pink-red rash, which disappeared without a trace in a week, and sometimes earlier, four days.Specific treatment such rash usually not required.


Scarlet fever This disease is characterized by the appearance of small bright spot scarlet rash that first appears on the chest, back and neck, and then spreads throughout the body.In the nasolabial triangle rash appears, a person acquires a characteristic appearance.

once scarlet fever was a dangerous disease, but with the advent of antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? learned to treat it in a short time.However, when symptoms be sure to consult your doctor, do not self-engaging.



measles rash does not occur immediately, but only the third to fifth day after the temperature rise.Papular rash very large bright plentiful, but it should not be afraid: rash usually indicates that the disease is receding.After the rash spreads through the body temperature drops, and the child's condition improves.

rash of measles Measles in children - may cause serious complications Measles in children - may cause serious complications spreads throughout the body from top to bottom.At first, she appears behind the ears and on the face, then on his hands, chest, back, and then - on the feet.



rash occurs simultaneously with the rise in temperature.First, there is a spot on the skin that turns into a bubble, and then formed an abscess, and after his wound - crust.The rash affects the skin directly to the body, including the scalp, and may also appear on mucous membranes.Strongly itch and rash can be painful, they cause a lot of anxiety baby.

Usually chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous lasts about 3-5 days, after which the temperature is normal, and new lesions are formed.Previously, it was believed that before the disappearance of the rash kids can not swim, but today pediatricians recommend a cool bath as a remedy for itching in the chicken pox rash.



When rubella rash appears 3-4 day of illness.For this disease is characterized by an increase in neck lymph nodes.

red rash, usually scant.It is localized on the face, trunk, extremities.After about 3-4 days the rash start disappearing.


contact and diaper dermatitis

appearance of contact dermatitis provoke coarse fabrics (wool, synthetics) as well as laundry detergents and conditioners that have been used for the washing of children's clothing or linen.Externally, contact dermatitis resembles worn or may take the form of a fine pink rash.Get rid of it is simple - just to stop using irritating fabrics or household chemicals.

Diaper dermatitis - feedback on the baby's skin of his discharge.The irritation appears in the diaper, the skin is irritated, red, scaly, or covered with bubbles.If that dermatitis is not treated, it can accede to a bacterial infection.

prevention of diaper dermatitis - this is the right skin care baby, hygiene, regular change of diapers.If irritation still appeared necessary to use healing ointments.


allergic rash

allergic rashes may occur in response to the baby's diet in new products or to change the menu a nursing mother.To prevent allergies should not rush to lure introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? .Introduce new products in the diet should be gradual, starting with low doses.

Drug rash - this is not an allergic reaction, and side effects of certain medicines or dietary supplements, including vitamin complexes or herbal preparations.Rash - a reason to stop taking the medication and consult your pediatrician.

Maria Bykov