Enuresis or urinary incontinence - how not to run a disease?

  • enuresis or urinary incontinence - how not to run a disease?
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enuresis incontinence Whatever it was, but incontinence is a real problem in many people's lives.It can occur as we age, women during pregnancy or after childbirth, or even as a result of chronic cough.What can be done to bring the situation under control?A few tips on how to cope with this problem, and make life a lot easier incontinence.

What is your type of incontinence

Experts claim that urinary incontinence - involuntary urination - is quite common in men and women of all ages.It is divided into two main types:

  • Stress incontinence, which can lead to urination when coughing, sneezing, exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe , laughter and suspense for lifting.
  • Urge (urgent), urinary incontinence, which is the unexpected, sudden urge to urinate, often so strong, it's to get to the toilet in time can be quite problematic.

No matter what type you have, simple behavioral tips can help you deal with it in everyday life.

Eight Tips to combat enuresis

  • Do Kegel exercises

important treatment for the disease are Kegel exercises, which are most effectiveWomen with mild symptoms.Kegel exercises can be called the most commonly used initial treatment.

Kegel exercises are very simple: you just need to open and close the pelvic floor muscles.What is this muscle?The next time while urinating, stop the stream of urine midway.So, you have just discovered the muscles of the pelvic floor and made your first Kegel exercises.

But do not enter into the habit of stopping urination, as it can actually weaken the muscles.Do Kegel exercises anywhere, except for the toilet: while sitting on the Internet, while waiting for an answer on the phone or in the car.Start by squeezing the pelvic floor muscles for three seconds, then release for three seconds.Repeat ten times.As the forces tend to stretch the muscles for ten seconds and let go for ten seconds.

  • Stick "toilet schedule»

not want to go to the toilet?Go to the bathroom anyway.Why is that?Urinating on a schedule to help keep the bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function Urinary bladder - structure and function empty and an empty bubble will not "leak."In drawing up the most suitable for you graphics may take some time, but doctors recommend starting urination scheduled every one to two hours.

  • fill the void

And do not rush, when you are in the toilet.Take your time, and after you have finished urinating, a little rest, and then again to help - a practice called double voiding really helps to empty the bladder.

  • Clear the way

case of trouble accident before you get to the toilet?It's time to clear the way of obstacles, so that you can get there faster.And then help yourself by choosing clothing that is easy to remove, consider an elastic waistband and Velcro.

  • careful with caffeine

No matter how you love your Javanese coffee, or dreamed of coffee at three o'clock, you do not help yourself by eating drinks rich in caffeine, such as coffee, tea and soft drinks.In order to control urinary incontinence should eliminate these diuretics - or at least to reduce their use.

  • Drink - but not too much

Your body needs fluid, so be sure to drink enough to maintain the desired level of moisture.Drink about two liters (eight cups) fluid to the bladder and kidneys were healthy.

  • Watch out for side effects of treatment

Talk to your doctor to ensure that you do not take any medications (prescription or without it), which can worsen incontinence.If you are taking these drugs - and need them - experts suggest you stay close to home (near the toilets) for several hours after taking diuretic drugs.

  • Tampons

Women can try to use tampons How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions to control leakage while jogging, dancing or any other activity.Tampon little pressure on the urethra, which helps to prevent leakage.

Five tips for long-term struggle with enuresis

Management enuresis is a long-term problem for most people.Make sure that you do everything possible to facilitate this process.Some long-term recommendations include:

  • Talk to your doctor

not hesitate.Enlist your doctor or urologist.Your doctor can help you find the best way to treat the disease.

  • change your diet

cup of coffee and juice in the morning, soda at lunch, a couple of beers or a glass of wine with dinner - all of which can significantly complicate the issue.The control of fluid intake may be crucial in dealing with urinary incontinence in the long term.But your body needs liquid.Before deciding on a major change, consult a doctor.

  • Hudeyte

Until proven that weight loss can in any way help with enuresis, as there was no proof that being overweight is a cause of incontinence.Nevertheless, obesity can lead to diabetes, which in turn may lead to incontinence.

  • Quitters

While it is clear that smoking is harmful to health, it is not a strong risk factor.But if there is a cough of smoking, it may be sharpen leakage.It should be noted that as another reason to quit smoking How to quit smoking: tips for women How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women .

  • Medicine and Surgery

as stress urinary incontinence and Urge can be treated with medication, but behavioral therapy as the above tips are often more effective.The operation is basically one for combating stress enuresis, as in the case of drugs, it is not the most effective initial treatment for urinary incontinence.Talk to your doctor to learn more about these treatment options.

All of these tips will help you cope with bedwetting, although experts recommend daily use of two of the best and at the same time simple advice - Kegel exercises and bladder schedule.

These methods do not cost money, safe, and if they can help in the short term, it should help the long-term use, and especially in the case of patients with mild symptoms.

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