Activated charcoal children how and when to apply

activated charcoal children Activated carbon - the absorbent is a drug that helps rid the body of many harmful substances.Activated charcoal may be given to children with dysbacteriosis, poisoning and certain other conditions.It is important to stick to the recommended dosage and not exceed the permissible period of use.


Does activated carbon babies with dysbacteriosis

long as the baby is in the womb, its digestive tract is completely sterile.After the birth of the baby colonize the gut bacteria that get there from the environment.Microorganisms are not only useful, but also opportunistic.If the latter are actively proliferate, it will lead to disruption of the normal balance of bacteria, and there will be goiter.

This condition develops when the child later put to the breast or early transferred to artificial feeding.Diseases of the digestive tract, acute intestinal infections Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer Acute intestinal infections - the most common disease in the autumn and summer and the use of antibiotics in infants and prevent the formation of normal microflora.

When dysbacteriosis quickens chair, changing the color of feces, intestinal colic child concerned.Excessive flatulence manifested in the form of bloating.

Some parents in such a situation, give activated charcoal nursing baby baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger .This drug absorbs gases and toxic products, which are formed by digestive disorders.

But too often it can not be used.After the activated carbon Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable with harmful substances brings vitamins and minerals that are essential to the child.Because of this constant reception adsorbent may impair development.Use of activated carbon for a long time gives rise to constipation.

Activated charcoal may help in severe bloating, but it is used only in rare cases.It is best to treat goiter using prebiotics and probiotics.The first group of preparations (e.g., Lactusan) stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora in the own intestine and a carbohydrate.Probiotics (laktumbakterin, bifidumbakterin) contain live beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria).


it possible to give activated charcoal for poisoning children

In most cases the child can be poisoned spoiled food, alcohol, medicines, household chemicals, industrial and agricultural toxins and salts of heavy metals.If poisoning is necessary to immediately call a doctor and describe him all the symptoms that are seen in children.It is important to establish the cause to begin to provide first aid before the arrival of professionals.

  • Abdominal pain occur when poisoning of organophosphorus compounds (OPC), cauterizing toxins and heavy metal salts;
  • If poisoning paints, iodine, potassium permanganate, salts of heavy metals or change the color of the mucous membranes;
  • If poisoning FOS or atropine disturbed breathing;
  • If poisoning FOS noted excessive salivation Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm ;
  • Pupils dilate when poisoning atropine, belladonna, and bleached;
  • If a child is poisoned with sodium nitrite, nitrobenzene, aniline or nitrate, it will be noticeable cyanosis (bluish color) of the skin and visible mucous membranes.

If a child is poisoned through the mouth, before the doctor arrives, urgently need to wash out the stomach.It is better to use the boiled water at room temperature.

first recommended to give the child a few tablets of activated charcoal, which is necessary to grind and mix with a little water.The drug adsorbs on the surface of toxic substances and does not allow them to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The water for washing is also possible to add the activated carbon.Gastric lavage is best to perform several times.Once again, it is necessary to give comminuted tablets sorbent.

Activated carbon should not be used in cases of poisoning by alkalis, so it's difficult diagnosis.Also, it can not be used in the gastro-intestinal bleeding, signs of intestinal obstruction and severe vomiting.


In what other situations makes activated carbon

Activated carbon is used for children even in some situations.These include:

  • digestive disorders due to improper diet (too frequent feedings for non-compliance of food the child's age, a sharp transition from natural to artificial feeding);
  • Diarrhoea intestinal infections;
  • Allergic diseases: asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis.

Activated charcoal can give the child no more than seven days.It is important to observe the recommended dose.



activated carbon for newborns should be crushed into powder and mixed with a little water.The resulting mass should be homogeneous, without large granules.

child may be given medicine with a spoon or syringe without a needle.Activated carbon is washed down with water.Newborns usually enough for about twenty milliliters of liquid.Also, carbon may be added to baby food and juices.Children older than two years are allowed to give the drug in tablets.Parents need to know that the drug feces stains in black.

Permitted daily doses of activated charcoal depend on the age of the child.This number of tablets to be divided by several stages.For children:

  • Before the year - one or two tablets;
  • one to two years - from two to four tablets;
  • from two to four years - from four to six tablets;
  • Older than four years - six tablets and more.

Activated carbon - is a safe drug that can be used in children.But best of all before taking consult with your doctor, because before starting any treatment, the child's need to explore and establish the correct diagnosis.A timely and correct treatment of any disease can help prevent the development of complications and relapses.