Tansy in gynecology - the possibility of applying in practice

tansy in ginekologiipizhma For decades, successfully used for therapeutic purposes recipes of traditional medicine.Medicinal plants have a great variety of properties, the presence of which provides a therapeutic effect.The most reasonable is the use of various herbs, if a person has contraindications for drug therapy chemicals or intolerance.Tansy in gynecology can be used to normalize the menstrual cycle.


about the medicinal properties of tansy

Tansy is a perennial plant that can grow in almost any type of soil, like a weed.The flowers of this plant has a characteristic balsamic odor, which is a distinctive feature of tansy.It proves the existence of the unique properties, due to the chemical composition.As part of the plant are the following components:

  • essential oil
  • tannins
  • flavonoids
  • alkaloids
  • camphor borneol
  • pinene

essential oil has a sufficiently high toxicity, it is not recommended to use it in high concentrations.Toxicity properties is an integral component of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? thujone, which is about 70% of its composition.In the beginning, when only began to use this plant for medicinal purposes, have been frequent cases of severe poisoning, much less the case in the modern development of traditional medicine.

Tansy is used in the form of inflorescences, ie with flower baskets flower stalks are used.The large range of medicinal properties makes it possible to recommend tansy for use in such branches of medicine as gynecology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, and others.


Effect on the menstrual cycle

One of the common problems you may encounter a woman of reproductive age, is a missed period.The causes of this condition are numerous enough, but first of all we should talk about other than the fact of pregnancy.Even a short delay should be the occasion for a visit to the doctor, because only an expert makes recommendations as to normalize the cycle and maintain reproductive health.

Application tansy in gynecology based on the ability of the plant affect the menstrual cycle and cause regular menstruation.Decoction of the plant can not be drunk in large quantities, bearing in mind that it can cause severe poisoning.Medicinal properties of tansy in gynecology are evident when drinking a decoction of the inflorescence small meals throughout the day.During the day you can drink about 250 ml of decoction.

decoction of tansy to accelerate menstruation women are at home in cases where there is a short delay menstruation (up to four days).If there is a long delay, this may be one of the manifestations of endocrine disease.In this connection, it is recommended to consult a specialist beforehand so as not to cause self-deterioration.Endocrine diseases that cause various disorders cycle, require the appointment of hormonal therapy.The most common hormonal preparations Hormonal drugs - not just contraceptives Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives used progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology or natural analogues that have minimal side effects on the woman's body during use.Herbal medicine in decoction of herbs in such cases, it may be a supplement, but should not be used as the sole remedy.It is also recommended to consult a doctor beforehand fitoterapevta, if a woman has decided to give preference to the use of herbal remedies.


Application tansy during pregnancy

presence of the toxic properties of the inflorescences of tansy is a contraindication for use of this plant by pregnant women.Tansy decoction helps to reduce smooth muscle of the uterus, so pregnancy can be interrupted.A decoction of tansy for monthly use is unacceptable, if confirmed by the fact of pregnancy.In addition to affecting the state of the muscle you need to consider the possible toxic effects on the developing fetus, which can also cause miscarriage.

can not be considered the use of medicinal plants is absolutely safe for health, especially when it comes to the health of the pregnant woman.Tansy in Gynecology does not apply if a woman is pregnant (in any stage of pregnancy).If a decoction of tansy will be prepared in the wrong dosage, for example, excluding the weight of a woman, then it would lead to toxic effects on the heart condition of the system and can cause complications.There are cases of deaths due to poisoning of tansy decoction of the plant, which was prepared without any specific requirements for strict observance of the recipe.

Pregnant women often prefer to use herbal remedies for medicinal purposes, but Tansy is one of those plants that are prohibited for use during pregnancy.Pregnancy refers to the absolute contraindications.Tansy is widely known for its medicinal properties, such as anthelminthic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.Even in small doses should not be used tansy, when it comes to the treatment of pregnant women.

question of how to call the monthly tansy tansy: sunny chamomile sister Tansy: sunny chamomile sister , we must first discuss with the gynecologist.The body of each woman requires a strictly individual approach taking into account the fact that it was the main cause of menstrual disorders in the form of delay.In some cases, the opposite effect can be observed when after drinking a decoction of tansy the woman is the more long delays.It only confirms the need for prior consultation of a specialist.

Marina Solovyov