Celandine acne - true means

celandine acne Hundreds of years ago, when medicine was not as advanced as today, people treated in that nature provided.Now, some recipes have been lost, but many herbs and still are used to treat diseases.For example, celandine acne and other inflammatory skin formations has been successfully used in our time.


official medicine or folk remedies?

The causes of acne on the skin, acne and other inflammatory formations lot.Their appearance on the face and other parts of the body can be caused by hormonal changes, metabolic disorders, as a result of infestation, decreased immunity and other reasons.In these cases, the treatment of acne Treating Acne - proper care of inflamed skin Treatment of acne - the right care of inflamed skin celandine may be ineffective.

impure skin - it's always a signal that the body that something is wrong.And so before you treat a rash, you should be examined by a doctor, that is to get to the true causes of acne or pimples.In some cases, it is enough to turn to traditional medicine to get rid of skin problems.

effectiveness of the treatment celandine is due to its composition.Any skin inflammation caused by microbes.And as part of celandine has called alkaloids that fight microorganisms, that is has antibacterial properties.Furthermore, this herb contains organic acids: succinic, citric and malic.They also disinfect the skin.And vitamins A and C, which so rich celandine, nourish the skin, resulting in its cells rapidly updated.And if acne caused by a skin infection, you can quickly via celandine rid of pimples.


How to use celandine acne?

many prescription treatments.Most effectively cope with the problem of fresh grass.Sometimes it's enough just to pick two stem celandine and yellow jelly, which is released from the wound the stem grease spots.So it is necessary to do more than once, and to the desired results, until the skin is cleansed.

celandine need to collect during flowering.At this time, it is necessary to collect and make a mask, decoctions, tinctures, lotions, and other means.And as for the future harvest celandine need when it will flower, because at that time in the maximum number of plant nutrients.

should remember that celandine is poisonous.And if the skin is sensitive, thin and delicate, acne treatment celandine can cause burns.Better to let him treat her less effective but safer means.

In addition, there are contraindications to treatment celandine Treatment of celandine - for help to nature Treatment of celandine - for help to nature :

  • open wounds;
  • infectious skin disease;
  • various vascular diseases (lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, etc.);
  • allergy, that is intolerance of components celandine;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • some nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

So how can you use celandine acne?Easy and simple to make yourself a good lotion.It should take two tablespoons of dry grass, pour two cups of boiling water and infuse for three hours.The solution was then drain and lotion ready.They need to wipe the face several times a day.Celandine is to dry the skin, so after each wash well with warm water.A week later, the skin clears.

celandine tincture of acne is prepared as well as lotion, you need only to press two or three days.And if the skin is very oily, you can make a tincture with vodka.You will need half a liter of vodka and two tablespoons of celandine.This infusion treat the skin while acne disappear.Alcohol tinctures of celandine celandine tincture : use requires caution Infusion of celandine: use requires caution with the addition of cucumber - a very effective means of getting rid of acne.We need to take two cucumbers, scroll through a meat grinder with fresh celandine, pour a mixture of a glass of vodka and put on two weeks in a cool dark place.Wetting of the tincture gauze, apply it on the face, acne is begin to dry out.

Broth celandine preparing acne no more difficult than the infusion.Grass is filled with boiling water and boiled over low heat for ten minutes.You can take the dry grass, but it is better to use fresh.Broth celandine filtered.They need to wet the gauze on the face and keep for five, ten minutes.You can also add the broth celandine any nourishing mask.


Celandine of acne on the face and body

Does celandine acne?This question can not be answered unequivocally.Some can not boast of any visible results, while others are a variety of great help to mask celandine.

Celandine acne masks used for any skin type.

  • If the skin is dry, the mask is taken one yolk with a spoon of olive or other vegetable oil and add ten drops of juice of celandine.This mask not only nourishes the skin but also helps to get rid of acne.
  • For oily skin need to take the egg white mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a spoonful of broth celandine.Honey dries oily skin and nourishes and celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries not only dries the skin, but also disinfects it.With this face mask as if covered with a thin protective film.After the procedure, the skin is not necessary to lubricate the cream as a dry, well enough to wash it with warm water.

can not spend time cooking home masks, and ready to buy in the drugstore pharmaceutical preparations, such as "Bee celandine acne", containing extract of celandine and medicinal oil.But ready means as prepared independently, can not guarantee a successful treatment of acne.If the reason lies inside the body rash, then some external means not enough: you need to cure the underlying disease, diet, lifestyle changes, and vitamin therapy.Celandine same medication with him in this case will only helpers in getting rid of acne.

Maria Bykov