Celandine warts - a panacea?

celandine warts celandine - the plant, known in ancient times.It was then found its cleansing properties, and at the same time began to use celandine warts.Inconspicuous plant with yellow flowers, was very effective in dealing with various formations on the skin.For the treatment of warts is generally used the juice of celandine.


miraculous plant

Greeks called celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries «swallow flower" because it blooms began with the arrival of the first birds and ended at the time of their departure.All this time, the plant was used to treat various skin diseases, later learned the medicinal properties of celandine save in ointments and tinctures.Now there are more than two hundred of skin diseases, which are used to treat the plant.But not for nothing that he was given another name - nipplewort, this suggests that the removal of warts celandine is very effective.The plant has been successfully used not only in medicine, but also by professional doctors - dermatologists.

wart - extremely unpleasant skin lesions.It can not deliver physical discomfort, but does not add beauty.It is an ugly growth on the skin, which has a rough surface.Therefore, people faced with the problem of warts, always concerned about her decision.Often, celandine is the best means for getting rid of growths on the skin.


Removing warts celandine: the main thing - careful

Treatment of warts celandine should still start with a visit to the doctor.Only when the doctor is satisfied that skin formation are benign, you can begin to remove them using nipplewort.This should be done very carefully, not forgetting that celandine - a poisonous plant, containing a powerful alkaloids.Therefore, before using the funds, which is composed of celandine, it is recommended to do a test on an allergic reaction.To do this, a drop of juice plants should be put on the inside of the elbow, and see if the skin turns red.

If many entities, they should be treated gradually.Affected areas should steam for removal of the stratum corneum and treat alcohol-based solution.Another important point: to avoid burns of healthy skin around the wart, it should be lubricated with oil, can be buckthorn or olive or oil-containing creams.


How to treat warts celandine

to experiment with a poisonous plant is not recommended.Precise instructions on how to burn the wart celandine, give the doctor.After consultation with the doctor can begin to process the removal of skin lesions.It is best to use for this fresh celandine, who grew up far from the industrial, polluted highways and other polluted sites.

branch of the plant should be broken off close to the root (where the maximum concentration of nutrients), and thoroughly rub the juice of speaking directly to the problem areas.You can use a cotton swab to the juice did not get a healthy skin and did not cause her burns.

Damage juice must be completely dry.Treatment should be repeated at least three times a day, whereas less than a week the first results, but after three weeks the wart will darken and fall off completely.

Continuous treatment can be carried out not more than one month, then be sure to take a break, so poisons contained in celandine, does not accumulate in the body.During treatment should pay increased attention to hygiene to prevent sweating and the accumulation of the products of the sweat glands in the skin.


Mountain celandine warts

can use fresh juice, projecting from the stem of the plant, if you have constant access to a growing "healer."And you can prepare a solution of warts celandine.He perfectly kept for quite a long time, so that treatment can be carried out regardless of the time of year and the availability of the plant.A good alternative to homemade tincture can serve and sell the drug in pharmacies, which is called "Mountain celandine."

warts celandine tincture is prepared during the active flowering in late spring - early summer.The plant is extracted from the earth with its root, dried part is removed, the rest is crushed in a meat grinder.From the resulting substance is necessary to squeeze out the juice.The liquid to be placed in a dark glass container and left in the dark place to ferment juice.The infusion may be used when the process is complete fermentation of juice, which is about six to seven days.Keep the infusion should be in a cool dark place for about six months.

also often used infusion celandine celandine tincture : use requires caution Infusion of celandine: use requires caution on alcohol.In this case, only ground part of the plant, do not touch the root.The bush is cut, washed, cleaned, shake off the excess liquid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways and put in a glass container.If necessary, the stalks can be crushed.Parts of the plant are filled semidesyatiprotsentnym alcohol.Infused fluid within two - three weeks in a cool, dark place.After this time, the infusion can be used for lotions: infusion moistened piece of cotton wool and applied to the wart for fifteen minutes.


How to remove a wart celandine not harm health?

If possible natural plants used correctly, taking into account its features, and observing the rules of use, cause harm to health virtually impossible.But if there is a tendency to allergies and other contraindications, care should be taken.Interestingly, the plant grown in an ecologically stable areas, much less likely to cause reactions than drugs, which it is affiliated.Therefore, in some cases, treatment herbs preferable treatment drugs based on them.This is due, for example, so that the composition of such formulations include many other components, which may cause an allergic reaction.

Improper use of celandine Application celandine - a wide range of actions The use of celandine - a wide range of actions can lead to unpleasant consequences.For example, in place of the warts may appear painful and long unhealed wound or a scar.To avoid such consequences, should be careful and follow all recommendations of your doctor.

Maria Bykov