Bioresonance therapy - how effective is it?

Bioresonance therapy Bioresonance therapy has been implemented in practice for almost forty years ago, the German Franz reflexologist Morel.The invention is based on the idea that energy is measured in the acupuncture points, it contains both normal and pathological electromagnetic oscillations.If you suppress abnormal oscillations and strengthen the normal, it is possible to improve the mechanisms of self-regulation body.In accordance with these ideas engineer Erich Rasche has designed a medical device for bio-resonance therapy.


Bioresonance therapy - what happens in the human body?

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) - a treatment of patients with electromagnetic waves which, like himself, and various substances.It is believed that it helps in many diseases, including when such are difficult to treat by conventional means.Apparatus for BRT are also used to change the fate that casts doubt on the effectiveness of treatment by BRT, which has not been confirmed by conventional medicine in clinical studies.

Nevertheless, the authors have created a method of coherent theory of the mechanism of action of bio-resonance therapy.Action BRT based on the fact that all human organs and tissues emit weak electromagnetic waves, which are the norm and harmonize health.If the body is broken, there are other pathological variations that differ from normal, which bring discord into the work of not only the patient's body, but also the whole organism.Until recently the normal fluctuations adjust pathological, but then the last out of control and symptoms of the disease.

to correct pathological electromagnetic oscillations applied BRT vehicles, with which there is exposure to electromagnetic waves with which the human organs and tissues are in resonance.Abnormal vibrations is suppressed, which leads to the disappearance of the disease.


electromagnetic oscillations - where they come from?

in BRT are two kinds of electromagnetic waves: the patient's own vibrations and fluctuations of external electromagnetic fields and radiation.In connection with this are two types of BRT - endogenous and exogenous.

When endogenous bioresonance therapy used in the treatment of their own electromagnetic oscillations tissue of the patient, who underwent treatment in the apparatus for BRT.This treatment resulted in normal fluctuations were amplified and pathological weakened.Following the processing of oscillations back into the patient's body, which results in the correction of the electromagnetic oscillations in the whole body of the patient and cure.

When exogenous bioresonance therapy in the patient's body receives external electromagnetic waves, which are in resonance with the normal fluctuations of organs and tissues by suppressing the pathological oscillations.With exogenous BRT is possible to suppress electromagnetic waves of infectious agents, which also leads to the healing of the sick.

Apparatus for BRT can record normal for the patient's range of electromagnetic oscillations on information carriers such as water or saline solution - they are used for continuous maintenance treatment in between sessions BRT.


This can be done bioresonance therapy

believed that by TRT can cure any disease.But more often it is used to treat diseases that are difficult to conventional treatments, such as allergies, chronic diseases of internal organs prone to frequent recurrence, endocrine diseases, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, urogenital organs.

Bioresonance therapy is contraindicated for tumors (both malignant and benign - BRT can stimulate growing tumors), AIDS AIDS - is still very scary AIDS - is still very scary , during pregnancy, when the body has a pacemaker Pacemaker:heart flaming engine Pacemaker: heart flaming engine or transplanted organ (eg, kidney), acute coronary disorders and stroke, epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease Epilepsy - a sacred disease , abuse clotting defects of the central nervous system of alcohol and drug intoxication,and acute psychosis.

is believed that the method of treatment of BRT will not be effective when structural defects in tissues and organs (such as when the wrong accrete fracture), as well as in psychiatric patients (eg, schizophrenia) that are not adequately perceive the reality (I wonder why they didelectromagnetic waves are somehow different?).

Efficiency of bio-resonance therapy needs to be confirmed in clinical trials, however, it continues to apply, obviously due to the fact that the great harm to the patient such treatment will not cause.

Galina Romanenko