Celandine in folk medicine: a panacea

celandine in folk medicine Traditional medicine has evolved over many centuries, traditional healers and herbalists have recipes seem to be on all occasions.Perhaps there will be no plants, which the healers would not find application.The effectiveness of many of the herbs and confirmed by official medicine.For ulterior motive is actively used in folk medicine celandine - a modest plant has many beneficial properties.


Folk Medicine: Pros and Cons

modern man has a choice: to turn to doctors or use traditional recipes, such as herbal therapy.For many centuries, this choice was not, and the treatment can be used only generous gifts of mother nature.

Almost any plant anyway helpful.Some herbs have antiseptic properties, some are used to control microbial diseases, any increase immunity.And some plants are used to treat a variety of ailments.These plants include, for example, Chinese ginseng or celandine.

Previously, people had no choice, but today all the services of a person pharmaceutical industry.The shelves of pharmacies are full of tablets and capsules, powders and syrups to treat a variety of ailments.Yet the love of folk medicine does not cease.This is due not only to the high cost of some drugs, but also to the fact that often the finished drugs cause allergic reactions and have numerous side effects.Folk remedies also not harmless (after all, it is most poisons of vegetable origin), but at least they do not contain preservatives, aromatics and flavorings and other ingredients that can cause allergies.The effectiveness of the herbs sometimes even superior to their chemical counterparts.

Traditional medicine is based on the centuries-old experience of mankind.Of course, in ancient times, people have not had the opportunity to find out why a particular plant helps to cure any disease.But that did not stop to notice healers useful properties of different herbs and their effectiveness in different cases.Over time, many healers observations were confirmed by scientists.However, traditional medicine still conceals many mysteries that doctors have yet to unravel.That's why sometimes folk remedies can be effective modern medicines.


Application in folk medicine celandine

difficult to find a plant that is also widely used in folk medicine as celandine.This herb has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, tonic, antispasmodic, antitumor, antiviral and tonic properties.And all of the properties in folk medicine celandine find their application.

most common celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries used for outdoor applications, in particular for the treatment of various skin diseases.

With the help of juice or a decoction of the plant destroyed papillomas and warts, freckles and age spots, pimples and boils Boils and carbuncles - will warm compress Boils and carbuncles - will warm compress .The very name of the herb clearly indicates its ability to purify the body from rashes.Have celandine another name - nipplewort.This name was given because of its amazing celandine effective against warts.

Despite the fact that celandine poisonous external use nipplewort virtually safe.We just need to gently apply the juice of the plant or facilities on this basis that they fell only on the affected skin - otherwise celandine can cause burns of the epidermis.In addition, before starting treatment should consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and recommendations.

Sometimes celandine is used for the treatment of mucous membranes.For example, this plant is effective in the fight against a number of gynecological diseases.Douching with celandine help with thrush and vaginitis some, painful sensations in the various etiologies and even cervical cancer Cervical cancer: possible cure Cervical cancer: possible cure .


not only for skin

As for the use of celandine inside, it can already be dangerous.One of the main dangers of traditional medicine is that to calculate the optimal dose of natural medicine is very difficult.The content of biologically active substances in plants is not the same, it depends on the time of year, age of the plant, its place of growth and many other factors.

At best miscalculation threatened by the fact that treatment is not effective enough.At worst possible poisoning.Since celandine contains toxic substances, risk of poisoning is very real.To minimize the risk of treatment usually starts with minimal doses, such as one drop alcoholate or with a spoon broth.Gradually increase the dose.If the patient's condition worsens, treatment should be discontinued and consult a doctor.

Celandine can not be used in a number of diseases, such as nervous diseases, epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease Epilepsy - a sacred disease , angina, asthma.To refuse treatment and to be if you are hypersensitive.Celandine is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women.The rest can be treated with the help of this plant according to the recipes of traditional medicine (including drink a decoction or infusion of celandine) after consultation with the attending physician.

Maria Bykov