Classical homeopathy - a big favor small doses

classical homeopathy Classical homeopathy goes back about two hundred years, and the debate about its effectiveness still continues to this day.Proponents of this type of treatment is considered it only right, whereas conventional medicine refers to it cool: does not deny some progress, but not recommended for the treatment of severe diseases.


Basic principles of classical homeopathy

Classical homeopathy involves treatment of like with like.This is the basic principle of it, open the first German doctor S. Hahnemann in the late 18th century.Hahnemann believed that our body is one, and for its healing (getting rid of the miasma, by which he meant all kinds of infections, as well as any other disease) is necessary to ensure that the organism was able to cope with the disease itself, it has to strengthen its defenses and the abilityto self-regulation.Hahnemann wrote: "To heal right, safely, quickly and reliably, pick up in each case is the only medicine that can cause a condition similar to the suffering that will heal."

Homeopathy Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine? Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine? used homeopathic remedies made from natural materials is strongly dissolved: plants, minerals, and substances of animal origin.In order to prepare homeopathic medicines Homeopathic medicines - without contraindications Homeopathic remedies - without contraindications , or that the substance tested on volunteers, assigning it in doses that can cause certain symptoms.If these symptoms coincide with symptoms of a disease, then this substance is prepared by repeatedly homeopathic preparation reduce the dose.It is believed that it is a homeopathic remedy will cause activation of the body's defenses and lead to the healing of the sick.

second principle of classical homeopathy states that the treatment of the patient should be used only one drug.This is logical if we consider the first principle - like heals like, because the same can not be two different substances cause the same symptoms.

third principle of classical homeopathy - the use of the minimum dose of the substance - only the lowest dose effective in the point of view of homeopathy.

fourth principle - potentiation of the drug.Potentiation - a preparation of homeopathic medicines by their dilution and shaking or kneading.The higher dilutions, the lower the concentration of the substance in the preparation of homeopathic and the higher the efficiency of its action.

four core principles of classical homeopathy form a treatment system, while ensuring the full safety of the treatment and the absence of side effects.


how modern homeopaths

in modern classical homeopathy the basic principles of the doctrine remain firm.Homeopaths believe that any illness has internal and non-material causes (ie infectious agents here at anything).This is at odds with the materialist approach of traditional medicine.That is why different and destination within homeopathy and conventional medicine treatment.

doctor adheres to the principles of traditional medicine, aims to remove the external manifestation of the disease - to destroy pathogens, reduce the pressure and so on.Homeopath individually on a physical and psychological state of the patient picks up his one and only homeopathic medicine.This drug does not kill the infection, is not conducive to the expansion of blood vessels and relieve pain in the stomach Pain in the stomach when the body asks for help Pain in the stomach when the body asks for help , it activates the body's able to restore the health of the person suffering from a particular disease.

And since one patient on his condition may be different from another, suffers from the same disease, to treat them will apply different homeopathic remedies.In this regard, the classical homeopathy medicines no "cold", "pressure", etc.

Following the appointment of a homeopath treatment monitoring of the patient and, if necessary, adjust the treatment.It is believed that it is important to ensure that both the symptoms go away.This process is governed by the law of Hering, which is true not only for the homeopathic treatment, but also for other natural methods of healing based on the activation of the body's vitality.By law, Goering recovery should come from the more important vital organs to life as important inside outwards, from top to bottom in the reverse order the appearance of symptoms.


When homeopathy is most effective

Homeopathy is not an effective means of high-speed, so it is rarely used for the treatment of acute diseases and conditions involving the dire state of the patient.

But it is well suited for the treatment of chronic long flowing and often recurrent disease difficult to treat.Including the treatment of chronic allergic diseases - asthma, atopic dermatitis Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin? , hay fever, and so on.

Homeopathy - a method of treatment that is quite right to exist, but it is a very difficult technique that requires good preparation and sufficient experience specialist.

Galina Romanenko