Bear fat in the sinus - practical guidance on the application of

bear fat in the sinus Bear fat is effectively used not only as a therapeutic agent.It is an excellent means of prevention of various diseases.It can be used in melted or in its original form.Bear fat in the sinus Sinusitis - when a puncture is needed Sinusitis - when a puncture is required significantly strengthen the defensive abilities of the body and be resistant to microorganisms that cause inflammation in the sinuses.

On the beneficial properties of the product

person who applies for the treatment of bear fat, self-sufficient supply of all essential nutrients.The fat contains:

  • a wide range of vitamins
  • micro and macro
  • fatty oils

main therapeutic properties of bear fat is its ability to strengthen the immune system, which can be observed after a few weeks of treatment.This prevents the aggravation of long flowing chronic inflammation, as well as the development of acute sinusitis Acute sinusitis - How is inflammation Acute sinusitis - occurs as the inflammatory process after suffering a cold or other infectious diseases.For his appointment is no age limit, it is only important to choose the right dose based on age.Parents can give their children without fear of bear fat in the treatment of sinusitis Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician Sinusitis - the treatment may only be carried out under the supervision of a physician .By its composition is balanced set of nutrients that are needed for normal body functioning.All nutrients entering the body, easily digested.

If a person has acquired chronic sinusitis, the fat can be used to prevent the period of increased risk of viral and bacterial infections of nature (especially this fall and winter).

How to treat grease

Bear fat is appointed as an external means and for use inside.

It must be taken strictly on an empty stomach or after a few hours after eating, at one time, only one tablespoon.Dosing frequency should be up to three times a day.Children bear fat dose must be reduced to the reception and give one teaspoon several times a day.Early treatment bear fat taken three times, and in the future can be taken twice (morning and night).Typically the duration of treatment should be at least two weeks.Bear fat has not expressed a specific smell and taste, but to better use it, removing eventual discomfort can be added to the fat, some useful products.If a person is not an individual allergic to bee products, it is recommended to increase the effectiveness of treatment to mix oil and honey.Bear fat should be slightly warmed up mushy state, add honey in a ratio of three parts oil and one part honey.If the treatment is carried out for children, it can be added to the fat instead of honey jam raspberry, black currant or drink milk.But people tolerate dairy products, so this point you should consider when choosing a method of treatment.You can bear fat spread on a piece of black bread and eat, drinking tea with raspberries.Adults should be spread on bread one tablespoon, children will be enough of a teaspoon.This combination greatly enhance the anti-inflammatory effect.

as an external agent bear fat is used for grinding.They rubbed the chest, back and soles of the feet, and then you need to be warm.It is advisable to carry out this procedure in the evening before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , not to go further into the street.This treatment contributes to the effective disposal of inflammation.The bear fat for rubbing can add sea buckthorn oil, honey, various concoctions of herbs.

Marina Solovyov