Hirudotherapy when adenomyosis - why leeches can be treated

girudoterapiya when adenomyosis Medical leeches are used for the treatment of various diseases since ancient times.In modern medicine, hirudotherapy widely used in practice, including in diseases of the reproductive system.Hirudotherapy adenomyosis when carried out as an effective addition to the basic conservative therapy or used as an independent method.

beneficial effects of medicinal leeches

Improving patient because the leech (or girudy) have unique healing properties.After the bite of the leech into the bloodstream enter substances that eliminate inflammation, reduce the severity of pain.There has been no severe blood loss, with local bleeding naturally leads to an improvement in the area of ​​application of leeches and microcirculation of blood circulation in general.This effect is due to the presence of hyaluronidase enzyme in the saliva of leeches.Such non-specific positive effects of substances that come from the saliva of leeches, hirudotherapy can be attributed to an effective method of non-specific therapy.

During the course of treatment with leeches normal immune system and hormonal activity.Hormonal background Endometriosis Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences restored, so you can expect a positive result in terms of pregnancy.For most patients the problem of infertility is on the first place when they go to the doctor, and as an effective therapeutic method recommended girudoterapiya.The effectiveness of infertility treatment Infertility Treatment - What are the priority principles Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority leeches already proved on the basis of numerous data.

One of the main advantages of this therapeutic method is considered to be a positive outcome in a natural way, with the recurrence of the disease is rarely observed (presence of persistent clinical effect).

impacts on biological organism points

principle of therapeutic effects of leeches on the body can be compared with the method of acupuncture.Leech applied to the skin only to a certain point, which is biologically active.Location of points on the human body due to the anatomical location of organs and their projection on the skin.Knowledge of the location of points has only the appropriate specialist (doctor girudoterapevt), so we do not recommend to start treatment with leeches.The procedure should be carried out in a health institution, the patient was during a session under the supervision of a physician.

For therapeutic purposes, use only the leeches are grown on special biofermah.Store them in a glass container, after one session leech utilized twice a leech can not be used.The risk of infection after prokusyvaniya skin is reduced to zero.The main condition for the success of the session that the leech was hungry.Leech has to be filled and then she disappears from the skin, which indicates the end of the treatment session.

When adenomyosis Adenomyosis - avoid constant stress Adenomyosis - avoid constant stress points for girudoterapii localized mainly in the lower abdomen.In addition, the impact is carried out on the point with the purpose of promoting good health, enhancing the immune forces.In the case of a comprehensive approach to the treatment increases the percentage of positive results girudoterapii.Multifactor influence of leeches on the body still continues to be studied, so this method is considered promising from the point of view has not studied the impact of the medical aspects.

Features of the treatment session

Technically, there are no major difficulties for the session hirudotherapy.There are a number of features, the existence of which you need to know before you start:

  • patch of skin first thoroughly treated with an alcohol solution.This helps to degrease and to disinfect
  • alcohol solution can not be left on the skin, so it further washed with hot water and wipe dry.It is best to capture a vast area of ​​land that will facilitate the subsequent conduct of the procedure
  • need to lure the leech, which bite should be wiped with water and sugar

If all these conditions are met, you can start the procedure itself.Leech need to capture near the head and put on the skin in the place where there should be a bite.It is important that the hand of a man who takes a leech, were clean, and there was no smell of alcohol, as this may affect the conduct of the procedure.

Courses of treatment at girudami adenomyosis average of twelve sessions.One procedure takes up to one hour, during which the body receives the useful substances in large quantities.This point determines when the result of treatment of adenomyosis Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized .The doctor determines the dynamics of the need for repeated treatments.Typically, patients tolerate the session, but it may be the state of weakness, drowsiness, which passes very quickly.On the day of your appointment should not engage in physical work (both before and after the session), you need to give up drinking and smoking.Leeches are very strongly react to different odors, so simply can not bite through the skin, if some of the odors of their scare.

Danger home treatment carries a risk of bleeding of the bite.In the case of such complications can promptly take the necessary medical measures, if the patient had a physician.Houses such condition may result in serious negative consequences.The risk of bleeding is particularly noteworthy.Woman must pass the minimum examination to study the state of coagulation, blood tests, gematogrammu.When a change is detected, or if you have installed the diagnosis of blood diseases hirudotherapy contraindicated.Leeches can be purchased loose enough at the moment, but to start treatment without inspection and expert advice dangerous.

Marina Solovyov