Treating sinusitis leeches - how effective is the method

leeches treatment of sinusitis now developed many treatments for sinusitis that can effectively get rid of the symptoms of acute and chronic inflammation.One such effective method is the treatment of sinusitis leeches.This method can not be used for self-treatment, it is important to do it a specialist.Leeches are placed only on certain points, so it's best to trust a qualified doctor girudoterapevt and avoid complications.

Features girudoterapii

Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy or method) started to be used in medical practice for a long time, it is one of the oldest methods of treatment.In today's society has broken the existing negative stereotype, leeches became widely used for therapeutic purposes.It is a thoroughbred leeches, which are specially bred in the biological farms in strict compliance with the conditions of sterility.Leeches can be used only once, after which they are destroyed.The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy useful properties due to the leeches.They are a supplier of a large number of beneficial nutrients, which goes into the blood, exert their biological effects.Some experts call a leech "living syringe", as they are delivered almost all the chemical elements of the periodic table of elements DI

When developing sinus mucosal edema, which affects the function of nasal breathing.The outflow of contents from the sinuses is difficult, which will contribute to an even more severe course of the inflammatory process.Leeches reduce the severity of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause mucosa and to fully restore the communication between the sinuses and nasal cavity, which normalizes breathing.Sinusitis can cause deterioration in the quality of life of patients due to the presence of constant headaches Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications , nasal congestion and other pathological manifestations.Using the method hirudotherapy leads to an improvement in general condition, which has been celebrated since the first few treatments.

Production leeches

For the treatment of sinusitis using special leech small (or "face" leeches).They do not leave bite wounds big size, nor does it affect the quality of the procedure.It is necessary to put the leeches only on certain points on the face to achieved a complete clinical response and recovery comply with the following recommendations:

  • not leech to places where fiber is developed.Otherwise, after the completion of the procedures can be formed hematoma or edema, causing cosmetic problems
  • leech must necessarily be located on the site of the projection sinuses on two pieces on each side
  • on the collar area and the location of the mastoid region should also be put leeches

use in the treatment method hirudotherapy not preclude the use of other methods and means.The whole complex of treatment measures should be developed taking into account the option of the clinical course of the disease and should make it a specialist.The procedure itself is performed in productions leeches specialized centers, doctors' offices, or girudoterapevt who own this medical procedure, especially in the treatment of acute sinusitis.Within one week, can be made from one of three procedures that determined individually.Repeat the course of hirudotherapy in the sinus Sinusitis - when a puncture is needed Sinusitis - when a puncture is required possible in a few months, usually within a year spend no more than two courses.

Marina Solovyov