Homeopathic treatment of migraine: herbs to help

homeopathic treatment of migraine Traditional treatments for migraine and other forms of vascular headaches typically include taking potent drugs.Medications such force effects increase the risk of a patient of serious side effects.Therefore, to use such drugs for a long period of time is not recommended.

If you do not carry out the necessary treatment, migraine attacks I have a migraine.What to do? I have a migraine. may continue for several hours or even days.Undesirable mute most forms of migraine with a mild painkillers, such as aspirin, or just try to relax, hoping that the pain will go away.Those who want to get rid of migraines and other symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to try homeopathic treatments.The most effective means of homoeopathic treatment of migraines include the following:

Aconitum napellus

Aconitum napellus prescribed to patients suffering from sudden and acute migraine attacks.When these headaches Headache: causes and complications Headache: causes and complications patients say that the head "as if in the grip" or complain about the bursting pain in the forehead.Other factors indicating the need for the treatment of migraine Treatment of migraine - it is impossible to completely get rid Treatment of migraine - it is impossible to completely get rid of homeopathic remedies are thirst and the excited state, which are amplified at night.


sudden migraine attacks successfully treated with belladonna.Such headaches are accompanied by a feeling that in a head-knocking and pulsating, with the face and the scalp may become hot and become flushed.Other symptoms that indicate that migraine may help belladonna, a heightened sensitivity to movement, noise, touch, smells and light.And whenever the patient or come into contact with these stimulants, it will feel a severe headache.Also the possibility of treatment of belladonna say factors such as temperature and dilated pupils, in addition to severe headache.


migraine, which is characterized by tearing pain in the right half of the head, can be treated with Briony.Migraine is shaped generally enhanced when the patient is in motion.Pain is aggravated even when moving the eyes or turning the head light.Such headaches are accompanied by a number of other health problems, such as constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food .