Kuznetsov Applicator - application: efficiently and simply

Kuznetsov Applicator applicator Kuznetsova - an extremely easy-to-use device.However, this simplicity, however, the "work" is very effective and has a mild, but sufficiently intense effect on the body.Kuznetsov Applicator can relieve pain, strengthen the activity of the whole organism, and much more.

Which diseases and conditions will help the applicator Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov Applicator can have, both general and local impact.On the surface of our skin is a set of points associated with the work of various organs and systems.The impact on these points may like to oppress some activities (eg, reduce inflammation, and pain) and activate it (for example, the work of the body toning system, or the whole body).

applicator Kuznetsova overall impact on the body is that the body's defenses are activated, stimulates the central nervous system and internal organs.But acting on the surface of the skin can be achieved and local action, which resulted in reduced pain in a particular area.

How to use the applicator Kuznetsova for local effect

For this applicator Kuznetsova impose it on the area where the pain is felt.After application to the applicator borne all over and pressed against the skin surface.If the location of the pain is arranged so that in the lying position can not squeeze applicator, its arms are pressed to the body surface or applied on top of any elastic material (rubber belt, elastic bandage) or simply towel.Keep this state applicator need to decrease or complete disappearance of pain.In this state, the applicator can be worn for a long time.

If concerned about pain in the back, you can do such a procedure: on the floor or on a special board to put the soft foam thickness of 2 - 3 cm (this is necessary for theto the applicator to adhere perfectly to the body surface), put the applicator Kuznetsova, and lie on a rest for at least 10 minutes.At the same time to enhance the impact force (it should be significant, so that the pain of the applicator barely tolerated) can do a variety of exercises: to turn from side to side, raise the legs, making them different movements, work with your hands.

The fact that there is a therapeutic effect suggests a gradual reduction in the primary back pain and a rush of blood to the skin, which is accompanied by a feeling of warmth.

If the heat is not tide, it is necessary to cause, making different movements.But sometimes a feeling of warmth comes only after a few treatments.

If concerned about pain in the neck, the applicator Kuznetsova put on the back of the neck and collar area, pressing his hands (to the threshold of pain tolerance) hold for several minutes, creating increased pressure How to deal with high blood pressure? How to deal with high blood pressure? hands in different places (one minute on this or that area) - this creates the effect of massage.After some time, the procedure can be repeated.

How to use the applicator Kuznetsova for the overall effect

Kuznetsov Applicator is able to relieve fatigue and cause a burst of energy.For a general tonic effect applicator Kuznetsova superimposed morning.Duration of exposure at the same time should be less than the impact of the local relief of pain - that these procedures provide exciting effect.

on the applicator Kuznetsova, put on a hard surface with a padded foam beneath it you can go back or stomach (preferably at the same time exciting and part of the feet), or split the procedure into two parts - of the time lying on his back, and some - in the stomach.The duration of the whole procedure - from minutes to five minutes.

But you can use the applicator Kuznetsova and evening, to relieve fatigue.To do this, you can either lie on it on the back (on the stomach), or simply put it back in his chair and sit on it.

What feelings may arise during the procedure

Besides the normal sensations of heat and moderate intensity of pain sensations may occur, such as palpitations, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , suddensweating, weakness, drop in blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? .This is a sign of severe exposure on the autonomic nervous system, which innervates internal organs and blood vessels.If there were such a sensation, then train the autonomic nervous system need to gradually, that is, the length of the procedures need to be increased gradually, controlling your feelings, your heart rate and blood pressure.

also necessary to monitor the condition of the skin at the site of the impact applicator.From the reaction of the skin will depend on the duration of the procedure: it must continue as long as the skin is not red.

for very sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care Sensitive skin: causes and care applicator can change the distance between the needles of 8 mm to the applicator with a smaller distance - 6 to 2 mm (they have a more gentle effect).

With applicator Kuznetsova can be house hold great health-restoring treatments.

Galina Romanenko