Kuznetsov Applicator: reflexology, available to everyone

Kuznetsov Applicator Kuznetsov Applicator combines the techniques of acupuncture (acupuncture) and acupressure (pressure point massage), which has traditionally been the leading treatments for many diseases in oriental medicine.I.I.Kuznetsov was not a doctor, but the patch has been recognized and has found its place in the treatment of many diseases.

What applicator Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov Applicator is an individual tool designed to relieve both acute and chronic pain in the muscles, joints and spine, to restore the work of virtually all organs and body systems, includingcardiovascular and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the applicator Kuznetsova improves overall body tone, performance and immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .

Kuznetsov Applicator is sold in the form of finished cloth of different shapes with sewn or glued on it the plates, dotted with lots of needles having a height of a few millimeters.Sometimes the applicator Kuznetsova comes in the form of a rubber belt with sewn on it metal needles.Issued applicators Kuznetsova with distance between the needles 2 to 8 mm and in different lengths of needles.As the needles are placed very close to each other and have a short length, they can not penetrate the skin.

applicator Kuznetsova sometimes sold as a scattering of plastic plates that need to be alone sew on a piece of linen cloth.To Kuznetsova applicator has a length corresponding to the length of the body of the patient, take a piece of thick fabric having a length equal to the distance from the speaker of the seventh cervical vertebra (it is easily detectable in the neck) prior buttocks.Fabric width should be equal to the distance between the shoulder blades.Adults better to sew the plate so that the distance between the needles is equal to 8 mm, for the children to do better than a shorter distance (2 - 6 mm) - it will create the impact of lower intensity.Disinfection

applicator Kuznetsova carried out by washing with a brush in a solution of detergent or simply soapy water followed by rinsing.According to Kuznetsov applicator can not strike or exercise other intense mechanical stress.

Indications and contraindications for the use of the applicator Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov Applicator is used for many diseases and conditions:

  • for rapid recovery of the body after hard work or after high loads during sporting events (training);
  • to improve circulation in the superficial tissues, as well as to improve the venous circulation, including varicose veins varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? (but only if there are no signs of thrombosis);
  • to enhance metabolism and reduce fat;
  • for the treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system (neurosis), insomnia and the effects of stress;
  • to improve skin tone and restore its normal state;
  • for the treatment of contractures (muscle persistent information) and motility disorders of the joints;
  • to reduce pain in muscles, joints and the spine of any origin;
  • to relieve headaches;
  • to enhance general well-being and recovery of sexual function.Contraindications for use of the applicator Kuznetsova are any skin diseases Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin , warts Warts - germ of cancer? Warts - germ of cancer? , a mole in the place of the alleged effects of the applicator, an inflammation of the walls of veins and their blockage (thrombosis), and any tumors and papillomas (using the applicator can stimulate their growth).

How to use the applicator Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov Applicator can be applied to the painful area and press down on it with your hands for about one minute, and then have to remove the applicator.Such procedure can be done several times a day until the pain is not pass.The action of the applicator can be strengthened if at the same time to make active movements (stress and relaxation of muscles in the area of ​​pain).

Another application applicator Kuznetsova - it is long wearing.

applicator is applied to the location of the pain and fix the bandage or a piece of cloth.So better to use the applicator in different diseases of internal organs, placing him on the back, the chest and abdomen.Of great importance in this case is a snug fit of the applicator.As the applicator is applied with a decrease in vitality, general fatigue and malfunction.

to relieve pain in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system is better to use applicators in increments of 2, 4, 6, 8 mm and applicators with a metal needle in increments of 2, 4 mm.Lying on the applicator used devices with a pitch of 6 or 8 mm.

applicator Kuznetsova - a rare case of creating a non-professional is really effective for the treatment of various diseases.

Galina Romanenko