Phototherapy: light as a cure for depression

phototherapy past, human life has been closely linked to the daylight.We get up at sunrise, going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams at sunset - this rhythm is considered normal, and most importantly, that people feel in balance with nature.Today, the rhythm greatly disturbed because the dynamics of the present day sometimes enforces strict schedule, which is detrimental to health.This can help phototherapy - treatment with light, which people often lack sufficient.It is also called lyuminoterapiey, light therapy.

in the darkness

Light we are lacking especially in the cold time of year - winter and autumn, when it dawns late and dark early.In recent years, constantly talking seasonal depression seasonal depression - antidepressants do without Seasonal depression - antidepressants do without , tying its emergence deficient light.Many do not believe in its existence, but this phenomenon is even confirmed by physicians.With the onset of the cold season, we feel more tired than usual, sad without reason, and all of the lack of light.

Our body is set up that morning, he needed light to cheer up, then all systems will earn the right rhythm.But when this does not happen, he plunges into a state of depression kind Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , responding weakness, unexplained tiredness and fatigue, bad mood.The balance is broken and it needs to be rebuilt.

curative radiation

daylight in winter sometimes falls below 2,000 lux, which is insufficient to ensure that the system worked flawlessly.Sources of artificial light provide us with the light that carries five or even twenty times less than the suites, so they can not be considered effective.Another trouble that we regularly experience the winter and late autumn - a small amount of sunlight.To solve a problem can be really effective, perhaps, only one way - phototherapy Phototherapy - restores vitality Phototherapy - restores vitality or light therapy.

Phototherapy represents sessions, during which the person affected by the flash of artificial light.Their duration may vary, ranging from half an hour.Light therapy appeared in 1990 and today resorted to it quite often, as talk of seasonal depression is now only becoming more frequent.

long as the patient is exposed to light in a special booth in his brain through nerve endings receive signals, which then go to the other systems.Action lyuminoterapii comparable to a sun bath, but without tanning.In addition, the list of contraindications to it not so long as to traditional insolation.These include diseases of the eye, photosensitivity, some nervous system disorders.

Phototherapy at home

Fortunately, to make up for the lack of light at certain times of the year, it is now not necessary to go to the procedure for phototherapy.You can repeat it all at home, and what are the special lamp.They have an intensity of 2,500 lux at least.Such sessions lasting from an hour to two hours can be arranged independently.Phototherapy procedure is best done in the morning or in the morning.

Patients who undergo regular treatment light, say the improvement in mood and well-being in general.System starts to work better, there is a noticeable surge of energy.

Phototherapy currently is an excellent tool for getting rid of heavy morning surge, that's why it is recommended to carry out in the early hours.The body immediately after waking receives cheerfulness with which a person comes into everyday work.